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Unknowable Room is a Harry Potter fanfiction archive located at unknowableroom.org. It hosts both fanfiction and fanart, according to its terms of service.

It is controlled by a group of administrators, which has changed in parts since the archive's founding via The Great Break. Present administrators are Christy Corr, Eos, missers, afterthree and Oxymoron. Cine, who coded the website, and Juli, who single-handedly took care of all the graphics, complete the team.


The idea for the archive was originally Solarism's, but several other fanfiction readers and writers followed her out of ff.net after yet another of the website's abrupt regulation changes. (see History of Unknowable Room for further information)


The website features several independent areas, among which there are:

  • MemCP: each member's control panel, from where one can edit or upload fics and fanart. It is also possible to add userpics, manage reviews and choose settings for one's profile page.
  • News: Every news that was published is archived. Have you missed something? Then the News page is the place you should go. Admins post news regularly with the purpose of letting know the members what's UR been up to.
  • Fanfiction: the main archive's fanfiction database, where it's possible to search fics by author, story title and summary.
  • Fanart: the fanart section, organised by artist and category.
  • Community: The feeling of community is one of the most important things in the Unknowable Room. It encourages communication between all members and hopes to create a warm, inviting site in which this can be accomplished. In this section is where you can find exclusive UR.org features. All features there rely on the participation of the community. The pages are constantly being updated with more pages and ideas being added.
  • Education
  • Help: about UnknowableRoom, FAQs and similar pages.
  • Support UR.org. Feeling generous? Why not donate to the UR?
  • Forums

For more information, please refer to UnknowableRoom Help.



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