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Hello! Welcome to UnknowableWiki, Unknowable Room's Wiki. Kick back and enjoy all the craziness--despite it, we hope you'll find this wiki interesting and helpful.

How to read articles

Like every other wiki, UnknowableWiki has a search box in the left side of the screen. Just type whatever you wish to find in it.

You can also choose the Felix Felicis command, which can take you to any page in our database.

Another form of browsing is by Categories.

How to contribute

  1. Click the link at the upper-right corner of this screen and register (preferably with your UR.org username, to avoid any confusions).
  2. Log in. Once you've done so, you can edit any page you want.
  3. Look around our editing rules first, though. Pay attention to how to format everything wiki-style, especially links.
  4. Choose a page to edit. You can do this by clicking the Felix Felicis link in the sidebar, or by searching for a specific topic (say, a character you particularly enjoy); if you do not find the page you're looking for, please follow the guidelines in our creating new articles page.
  5. If you have any questions or doubts about the article you're editing, write them in said article's talk page.
  6. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need extra help.
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