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If you have any questions that you think should be added here, feel free to edit the article's talk page.

What is UnknowableWiki?

It is a wiki created with the purpose of helping ficwriters (primarily Unknowable Room members) by providing essential canon and fanon information regarding a wide variety of mostly, but not only, Harry Potter-related topics.

Who's in charge?

The Unknowable Room administrators and THE members.

How do I join?

Click on the register/log in at the right upper corner of any given wiki page.

Please register under your Unknowable Room username to avoid any confusions.

Okay, I've registered. What should I do now?

Read what we've done so far, and edit whatever you'd like. The Getting Started page can be helpful.

How do I edit something?

Click on the edit link at the top of the article you intend on working on. Please mind our editing rules!

What are all these links?

Article pages

In any given article page, you will see several tab-like links in the top.

  • The first one should be bold and blue: it's the one you're currently viewing, typically "article" (for regular pages), "character" (for character profiles), "ship" (for ship pages), "user" (for user profiles) or "project page", like this one, which is an article meant to help UnknowableWiki users put the wiki to better use.
  • The second link, discussion, leads to each article's Talk Page.
  • The third link, edit, allows you to edit the page's contents.
  • The fourth link, history, reveals the past edits made to the page, and allows you to compare and/or restore them.

Navigation bar

  • Click on the UnknowableWiki logo (or on the first link under 'passageways') to go to the main page.



Point me!

  • UnknowableWiki's search engine. The 'Floo' button will take you to the page of the name you've typed; the 'point me!' will search the wiki for all pages containing that word.

Up to no good

  • What links here: displays all the pages that link to the one you're viewing.
  • Related changes: displays the latest changes to pages linked to the one you're viewing.
  • Upload file: upload images to the wiki.
  • Special pages: see below.

Special pages

Special pages are targeted to the wiki's maintenance. A regular user shouldn't mind them much, but there are a few useful links there one might be curious enough to poke around with:

  • Categories: the complete list of the wiki's categories.
  • User list: the list of all registered wiki users.
  • Statistics: a few handy statistics about the wiki.


  • Dead-end pages: pages that link to nowhere, and should be fixed ASAP.
  • Double redirects: redirects that point to other redirects. They are Christy's pet peeves and hardly ever survive more than a day.
  • Orphaned pages: pages created randomly, without being linked at from any article. This is a problem and completely against wiki rules. All pages in this category should have links to them created as soon as possible.
  • Wanted pages: broken links throughout the wiki. There are hardly ever any pages there; new, content-less broken links should be {{empty}}-ed the moment they are created. (see Tags for more information)

Why can't I edit a certain page?

You cannot edit pages unless you have registered and logged in. Some pages are also protected, which means that they cannot be edited by users with no privileges.

What are Talk Pages?

See the Talk Pages article for more information.

I've created a page I shouldn't have, and/or I think a certain article should be deleted.

Add {{evanesco}} to the end of the article, and one of the administrators will take a look at it.

I'm curious about some wiki setup technicality.

Christy's your girl. But be warned--she's not entirely sure of how she set this whole thing up herself, so she may not know how to answer your every question. Feel free to ask, though.


Calm down. Breathe.

Okay? Now edit this article's discussion page or contact one of the wiki administrators via user talk page or email.

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