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The Wizengamot is the highest court in the wizard law system. There are thirty-odd Wizengamot elders; the Chief Justice is named "Chief Warlock".

Dumbledore was Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot until Cornelius Fudge had him demoted for insisting that Lord Voldemort was back (OP5). After the Ministry acknowledged the beginning of the Second War, Dumbledore was reinstated (OP36).

It seems that most Death Eaters, when caught, faced a full criminal trial at the Wizengamot (GF30). Sirius Black, however, notably didn't; he was sent to Azkaban immediately after being caught (GF27). This was for the most part due to the general belief that he was Voldemort's right-hand man (PA3), but naturally had a lot to do with the national commotion over the Dark Lord's disappearance and the Potters' murder (PS1).

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