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The Wizards' Council is the body that governed the British wizarding world before the creation of the Ministry of Magic. It was headed by a Chief.


The first chief who commence the ministry are Barberus Bragge, which started in 1269. The wizards' Council aim to define and visualize the government, as they struggling through time figuring out the constitution and founding based on laws. Classification and Identification are taking course as time is spent to understand wizarding world before they rule out the actual government.

Through time they have a discourse and another minister taken place to make decision with the proposal as to define 'beings'. Burdock Muldoon defined it as anything that can walk with two legs, with a result of disaster that there are many creatures and humans alike participating. The next minister, Elfrida Clagg narrowed down the classfication, as the council attempted to classify in attempt with another second failure with his defintion of a 'being' as anything that can speak human language. The second failure had resulted with repeated scenario with different creatures of Jarvey.


Wizards' Council is once oversee by the international confederation of wizards, including the ministry, as it works as governing body. The persecution of wizards in medieval era of renaissance had lead to their attention and immediate actions as to step up their decision of wizarding community's security with a code of private closure. Ministry is founded at the end of 1600s, wizards' council's duty is redefined as the duty converted to Ministry's sections of Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

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