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Wizard chess is a magical game. It is almost identical to Muggle chess; the only known difference between the two is that, while Muggle chess pieces are stationary, wizard chess pieces speak, move of their own accord, and attack each other quite brutally when ordered to do so (PS12).

Ron Weasley is exceptionally good at playing this game, and constantly defeats Harry Potter and Hermione Granger whenever the three play. Hermione is particularly bad, losing almost every game she plays (PS13).

At the Hogwarts Christmas Feast in his first year, Harry opens a cracker that contains a brand-new wizard chess set; he inaugurates it that night by losing "spectacularly" to Ron (PS12)

One of the obstacles blocking the way to the Sorcerer's Stone is a life-sized game of wizard chess, created by Professor McGonagall. Ron defeats the game, allowing Harry and Hermione to proceed (Ron himself is 'captured') (PS16).

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