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Wandless magic are all forms of magic performed without the help of a wand. While a wand is required for most forms of (human) magic, some magic can be performed without a wand. Young children with magical blood who have not yet learned to control their magic will perform wandless magic unwittingly, mostly in situations of stress, emotional turmoil, or danger (PS2, PS4, PS7, DH33). Even older wizards and witches can sometimes lose control and perform wandless magic. For example, Harry Potter blows up his aunt in reaction to her taunting insults (PA2). In rare cases, simple spells, such as Accio and Lumos are performed intentionally without a wand.

Potion brewing can be regarded as a controlled form of wandless magic (altough the wand is sometimes involved for stirring).

House-elves can perform their own powerful form of wandless magic, including Apparition and Hovering Charms.

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