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Creature profile
Appearance breathtakingly beautiful women, long, white-gold hair, can transform into bird-like creatures
Origin Bulgaria
Known specimens Apolline Delacour (half Veela), Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour (quarter Veela)
First appearance in canon The Quidditch World Cup (GF)

Veela are magical creatures from Bulgaria. Female Veela take the shape of unearthly beautiful women. Their skin emits a moon-bright glow and they have long, white-gold or silvery-blond hair that fans out behind them without wind. Their tall figures seem to glide when they walk. Their presence has a strong effect on men, who fall under their charm and will try desperately to impress them. A Veela's dance and the music that accompanies it seems to hypnotize men; the urge to impress becomes so strong that it can lead to life-threatening acts. Some males seem to be more susceptible than others; for instance, Ron Weasley is especially prone to fall under a Veela's spell (GF9, GF22).

When Veela get angry, they can transform into bird-like creatures. They develop sharp-beaked heads and scaly wings burst from their shoulders. They are able to throw fire (GF8).

We do not know whether male Veela exist or how full Veela are conceived. However, Veela are able to reproduce with human men. The result is a half Veela. Female part Veela inherit the Veela's good looks and ability to stun men, although the effect is less pronounced than in a full Veela (GF16, GF22, GF23, HBP5, DH6).

Veela hair is sometimes used for wand cores, although the renowned British wandmaker Ollivander thinks it too temperamental. Fleur Delacour uses a wand that contains one of her Veela grandmother's hairs (GF18).

Given that Veela are intelligent and relatively human-like, it can be assumed that they are classified as beings. However, this is a guess.

Veela at the Quidditch World Cup

The Bulgarian National Quidditch team bring a hundred Veela with them to the Quidditch World Cup as their mascots. Before the final match, the Veela glide onto the field and dance. The effect on the male audience is stunning. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are completely dazed; both try to jump from the stadium's top box to impress the Veela. The crowd breaks out in angry shouts when the Veela stop dancing and line up on one side of the pitch. Ron starts shredding his Ireland hat until Mr. Weasley pulls it from his hands. Hermione Granger tuts at the boys' behaviour.

The Veela look sulky when Ireland scores the first goal. When Bulgaria scores, they jump up nd dance in celebration. Mr. Weasley warns the boys to put their fingers in their ears; Harry closes his eyes as well. After Ireland is rewarded a penalty shot, their leprechaun mascots mock the Veela by forming the words "HA HA HA". The Veela promptly start dancing again. They manage to divert the referee Hassan Mostafa, who stats flexing his muscles and stroking his moustache in front of them. Commentator Ludo Bagman amusedly asks that somebody slap the referee, and a mediwizard runs out onto the field, fingers in his ears, and kicks Mostafa, who wakes up from his trance and starts shouting at the Veela. He tries to send them off the pitch, which leads to an argument with two of the Bulgarian players until Mostafa gives two penalty shots to Ireland. The Veela stay on the pitch.

When Ireland is awarded another penalty, the Leprechauns form a hand makig a rude gesture. The Veela get furious and transform into their bird-like form. They start throwing fire at the leprechauns. Mr. Weasley comments on the Veelas' sudden transformation that this is why "you should never go for looks alone." Several Ministry employees dash onto the pitch to stop the fight between the mascots while the match continues. Mostafa's broom tail is hit by one of the fireballs and starts to burn, diverting his attention from the match. In the middle of the tumult, the Bulgarian Seeker Viktor Krum catches the Snitch, while his opponent Aidan Lynch crashes onto the pitch and gets trampled by a horde of angry Veela. Mediwizards blast their way through the fighting Veela and leprechauns. Finally, the Veela trn back into their beautiful selves, looking sad and forlorn because Bulgaria has lost the match (GF8).

In the night after the match, the Trio runs into three Veela standing in a clearing of the forest, surrounded by several male admirers, Stan Shunpike among them. The men all try to get the Veelas' attention by claiming to be incredibly rich dragon killers or vampire hunters. Stan declares he is about to become the youngest Minister for Magic ever. Ron cuts in and declares he invented a broom that can reach Jupiter. Hermione and Harry pull him away (GF9).

The Delacours

Fleur, fanart by mudblood428.

The Delacours are a part Veela family. Apolline Delacour's mother is a Veela; consequently, her daughters Fleur and Gabrielle are quarter Veela. All three are extremely beautiful, with long silvery hair, blue eyes, and a tall, willowy figure. Fleur and Apolline can charm men without effort, and at the age of eleven, Gabrielle shows similar tendencies (GF22, GF23, DH7).

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