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Roomie profile
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Name and nicknames Priscilla; Christy, Chris, Prica; Herrin der Tippfehler (by Kerstin)
Crystian name Lona
Edit count {{#ec:ChristyCorr}}
Birth November 5, 1987
Nationality Brazil
Favourite character Albus Dumbledore
UR siblings Runi, Anoka, Holly, Casey, Crys, Lu, Missy
UR spouse Runi (Lu and Diana, too) (But mostly Runi)
UR children Angel, Gul, Sharon, Archee, Anoka, Casey, Ash, Kerstin, Sara, Kaye
Achievements and positions at Unknowable Room Admin, UnknowableWiki maintainer, part of the TOP admin committee, Hourglass Awards winner and overseer
Most important fics Hopelessly Addicted, Social Niceties
One True Pairing Lily/James Albus/Gellert Oh hell, Lily/James and Albus/Gellert.
Six Words "Wandless magician: tall in many ways." (Angel)

Christy, who also goes by Christy Corr and just plain Chris, and the extremely extravagant Lona, is an insane and hijack-loving administrator of The Unknowable Room. Some people think of her as an Evil Overlady, but she's more maniacal and psychotic than she is evil. It is best to stay in a 10-foot radius away from Christy when in the same area -- you never know when she might attack very friendly. No, really.

She lives at a place called Vertigo, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Latin America.

Christy is obsessive. That is the first and most important thing you need to know about her, because it defines absolutely everything in her life, especially her activities here at UnknowableWiki. There are several things she adores at the moment, even though the amount of time she dedicates to each of them varies according to her mood and tiredness:

See also: More about Christy.

Favourite interwiki pages

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