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Character profile
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Dolores Jane Umbridge
Appearance short, squat, toad-like, described as dressing in pink
Hogwarts achievements teacher, headmistress, High Inquisitor
Occupation Senior Undersecretary to Cornelius Fudge, Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, High Inquisitor, Headmistress of Hogwarts, and Head of the Muggle-born Registration Commission
Special abilities malice
Allegiance Ministry of Magic
Portrayer in the movies Imelda Staunton
First appearance in canon The Hearing (OP)

Dolores Umbridge is a Ministry member and was the Senior Undersecretary to Cornelius Fudge, Rufus Scrimgeour, and then to Thicknesse (OP8). She was the Hogwarts Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher for a year (OP11).


Dolores Umbridge is often described as resembling a toad, because she is quite large and short (OP8).

Dolores Umbridge is known to be quite bossy and enjoys being in power. However loyal she is to the Ministry of Magic and to the Minister himself, she has done things behind the Minister's back when it benefits her; she once threatened Harry with the Cruciatus Curse and also performed detentions which caused physical pain to the student (OP32).

One of her main traits is when she coughs. Her 'Hem, Hem' cough is usually used to get attention on her so she may speak (OP8).

Umbridge harbors extreme hatred towards half-human breeds. It is assumed that she is afraid of these creatures (OP14).

Before Teaching at Hogwarts

Umbridge was very high up in the Ministry of Magic. In 1993, she passed an anti-werewolf legislation which made it impossible for werewolves to get a job. In the same year, she also campaigned to have Merpeople rounded up and tagged (OP14).

On August 2, 1995, Umbridge ordered two Dementors to attack Harry Potter in Little Whinging, Surrey to prevent the boy from returning to Hogwarts (OP1). She did not inform Cornelius Fudge of this action (OP32).

Experience as a Teacher

Umbridge was assigned to the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts by Cornelius Fudge in 1995 when Albus Dumbledore had difficulties finding a someone to take the job (OP11). Umbridge's position was not truly that of a teacher; instead, she served as more of a spy for the Ministry of Magic, as Fudge was afraid that Dumbledore was trying to undermine his position (OP11). Umbridge's duties also included discrediting Harry and Dumbledore (OP12).

Umbridge adopted a theoretical approach to teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts, ostensibly a pre-approved Ministry curriculum, though the main purpose was to keep the students from forming an "army"—Fudge's greatest fear. When Hermione Granger scoffed at the choice of textbook in Umbridge's class, the latter grew cross and made it clear that no student should question the book's theory, as it was Ministry-approved (OP15). The theoretical teaching method caused an uproar among many of the students; Harry Potter, in particular, was outraged and boldly told the class that Voldemort had returned, though the Ministry tried to deny the fact. Umbridge quickly called out Harry for telling a lie, and then encouraged students to come to her if they heard someone else saying the same. Umbridge also gave Harry a week's worth of detention. (OP12).

Umbridge's detentions were unique, and arguably a form of torture. She made the students write lines with a special quill, which uses the writer's own blood instead of ink. The words written also appear on the back of the writer's hand, in an excruciatingly painful process. Harry was made to 'I must not tell lies' with the quill enough times that the words were permanently scarred on the back of his hand (OP13).

Umbridge, fanart by Makani.

Soon after the start of the year, Umbridge was promoted to Hogwarts High Inquisitor, and given the power to inspect and sack fellow teachers and make Educational Decrees. With this new power in her hands, she attacked Dumbledore's control of Hogwarts (OP15).

It soon became apparent that Umbridge's class wouldn't teach the students anything, and many of the fifth-years were likely to fail their practical Defense Against the Dark Arts OWLs. To counter this, Hermione Granger convinced Harry to form a group to teach students who were willing to learn the Defense Against the Dark Arts. After an initial meeting in the Hog's Head, the group, calling itself Dumbledore's Army, was established (OP16). The group's formation led to the passing of Educational Decree Number Twenty-four, which organizations of more than three students were banned and must be approved by Umbridge (OP17).

The Decree also disbanded sports teams, and the Gryffindor Quidditch Team found it difficult to start practices once the Decree was signed, due to Umbridge's blatant detestation of Harry Potter, the team's Seeker; however, Umbridge immediately allowed the Slytherin Quidditch Team to reform. Desperate to correct this injustice, Angelina, then captain of the team, asked Minerva McGonagall to help her reform the team. The Transfiguration professor went to Dumbledore, and the team was re-formed(OP17).

Umbridge was vocal with her complaints about various teachers whom she felt did not keep up a good standard of teaching. Umbridge placed Trelawney on probation due to the Seer's inability to produce an accurate prophecy on the spot (Trelawney, as we have seen, is a legitimate Seer, but usually fakes or dramatises her profession) (OP17).

Umbridge also had access to the students' mail and, when she wished, read it. When Harry was talking to Sirius Black through the fireplace in Gryffindor Tower, Umbridge's hand, attempting to grab Sirius' head, appeared, as well. However, Sirius realised what was going on a few seconds before Umbridge's hand appeared, and was able to escape (OP17).

During the first Quidditch match of the year, Draco Malfoy was quick to insult Harry's parents as well as Fred's and George's home. At this, Harry starts punching Draco with George, it is noted that Fred was restraining George. Once they were separated from Draco, McGonagall starts yelling at them and deciding on punishing them when, Umbridge offered help to McGonagall. Umbridge declared that a new Decree has just come by Fudge, which would allowed Umbridge to outstrip any 'common teacher' and punish their student however she pleases. With this new power, she gave a life time ban on the twins and on Harry (OP19).

When Hagrid returned to Hogwarts after trying to recruit some giants to be on their side of the war, Umbridge went to Hagrid's hut, after only a few hours since he returned She told him about her placement in the school, warning him that it was her job to get rid of all of the inadequate teachers (OP20).

As Umbridge unsuccessfully tried to silence Harry, Harry found other ways to speak out. On one trip to Hogsmeade, he gave an interview with The Quibbler about the night the Dark Lord returned. After the publication of the interview, Umbridge was livid and banned Harry from Hogsmeade, took 50 ponits from Gryffindor, and gave him a week's worth of detention. In an effort to stop the spread of Harry's "lies," she then later created Educational Decree Number Twenty-seven, which banned everyone from reading The Quibbler. Anyone caught with a copy of The Quibbler would be expelled (OP26).

Umbridge is obviously not afraid to go public about certain thoughts. Upon sacking Trelawney, it was made in the Great Hall where many students and teachers were able to watch the dismissal of Trelawney. Umbridge mocked Trelawney for her inability to predict the forecast of the week and demanded that she left the property as she was an embarrassment to the school. However, Dumbledore came and informed Umbridge that she had no right to kick teachers off the grounds of Hogwarts, and saying that he has found a teacher to replace Trelawney. Firenze the Centaur was the teacher who replaced Trelawney, this greatly upsets Umbridge as she abhors half-human creatures (OP26).

Umbridge and a few selected students went on the tip of Marietta to capture the members of Dumbledore's Army. However, Dobby was able to warn the members of the D.A. before Umbridge and the others could burst into the room where they meet. Harry was one of the few who were caught, and Umbridge dragged him up to Dumbledore's office. There, she was met by Dumbledore, Fudge, Percy Weasley, McGonagall, Kingsley, Dawlish, and Marietta. She announced that she was aware that Dumbledore's Army had first met at the Hog's Head in October and was overheard by Willy Widdershins. Willy Widdershins was in trouble with the Ministry, but by giving information to Umbridge, he was cleared of charges. This exchange gives insight into how dirty the Ministry of Magic's politics had become. While Marietta was under questioning, Umbridge got very upset over an answer that Marietta could not give, so she started to shake the poor girl until Dumbledore did some magic to make sure that Umbridge released the girl. Shortly after this incident, Dumbledore 'admitted' to trying to build an army against the Ministry, but instead going quietly to Azkaban he escaped (OP27).

As soon as the next morning, it was clear that Dumbledore had abandoned the school, and by order of Educational Decree Number Twenty-eight, Umbridge had become Headmistress of the school. She was barred from entering the Headmaster's Office after Dumbledore's departure and had a right little fit according to the The Fat Friar (OP28).

She seizes power over the school as soon as she became Headmistress, creating a group of followers called "Inquisitorial Squad", composed only of Slytherins (OP28).

She quickly gets Harry in her office alone, and offers him various of drinks which she will later spike with Veritaserum. As soon as Harry 'drinks' the tea, she starts asking him questions about the whereabouts of Dumbledore and Sirius. Harry repeatedly tells her that he has no idea where they are hiding, and Umbridge is forced to accept the fact that he's telling the truth. But she threatens that if he dares lie that the Ministry is behind her. She also tells him that the Floo Network is watching all of the fires -- except for hers, and that any mail coming in and out of Hogwarts is checked by the Inquisitorial Squad (OP28).

Although Umbridge must have enjoyed being the Headmistress of Hogwarts, her first day on the job found her running all over the school, trying to get rid of the Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs. The Whiz-Bangs spread thoughout the school, and none of the teachers attempted to get rid of the Whiz-bangs, instead leaving the task to the new Head-Mistress (OP28).

When Harry has to go see McGonagall for Career Advice - Umbridge is present and taking notes on her clip-board. Throughout the converstation between Harry and McGonagall, Umbridge continues to do her 'cough' and add 'suggestions' towards Harry's career choice of becoming an Auror. She made intruptions saying that he did not have the grade in her Defense Against the Dark Art's class to possible become an Auror. McGonagall however, ingores this comment and tells her that she is an incompetent teacher. Outraged by McGonagall's comment, she tries several times to squash Harry's hope to become an Auror. By doing this, she picks a verbal fight with McGonagall - Umbridge argued that the Fudge would never employ Harry, which McGonagall snapped saying that there might be a new Minister when Harry joins the Ministry. Umbridge takes this as a hint that McGonagall wants her job and Dumbledore as Minister of Magic (OP29).

After Harry's career advice, the Weasley twins decided to fill the corridor on the fifth floor of the east wing with a rather large swamp. This was a prank that allowed the Weasley twins show off thier prankster skill and allow Harry to talk to Sirius. However, they decided that since Dumbledore had departed the school that they themselves will take off before finishing thier seventh year of Hogwarts. They instruct Peeves to give hell to Umbridge (OP29).

True to the Weasley's word, Umbridge had a hard time trying to figure out how to get rid of the swamp, as the twins did not leave behind any instructions. Harry had a feeling that any of the teachers could have easily gotten rid of the swamp, but they allowed Umbridge to struggle (OP30).

The Weasley twins were able to sell quite a bit of thier joke products before they departed the school, many students used thier Skiving Snackboxes during Umbridge's class. The entire class would be fainting, vomiting, bleeding, and producing boils. They all claimed however that they were suffering from 'Umbridge-itis'. Umbridge put several of the students in detention trying to find out thier secret, but after several detentions - she was forced to allow the 'sick' students leave her class (OP30).

After the public 'sacking' of Professor Trelawney, Umbridge tries to sack Hagrid as quietly as possible during the night that the Trio have thier Astronomy OWLs. Umridge, Dawlish, and four others went to Hagrid's hut to see if he would leave the grounds in a 'reasonable' fashion. However, they start attacking Hagrid and shooting Stunning Spells at him. Professor McGonagall came to the grounds, demanding on what grounds they were attacking Hagrid. Then, four stunning spells shot at McGonagall with no warning. Hagrid was able to escape the clutches of Umbridge that night (OP31).

The main reason why Umbridge was getting rid of Hagrid, was not for his teaching methods (which had gotten better) but because he's a half giant, too close to Dumbledore, and she thought that Hagrid was the one who put the nifflers in her office (OP31).

Harry was caught using Umbridge's fire when trying to find out if Sirius was still at the Order of the Phoenix's Headquarters. He was caught along with Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, and Neville by the Inquistural Squad. Umbridge tried to figure out who Harry was trying to communicate with her fire, when he refused to tell her the truth - she called for Snape to see if she can get more Veritaserum, however Snape informs her that she used up all of his stock and cannot brew more at the present moment. For this, Snape is put on probation as Umbridge claimed that he was being unhelpful on purpose. After Snape takes his leave, she decides that the only way to get Harry to speak is to perform the Cruciatus Curse. When Hermione argues that the curse is illegal, Umbridge tells the room that she is 'forced' to do this and she sent the dementors on Harry this summer. Before she is able to curse Harry, Hermione cries out to Umbridge about a weapon hidden in the forest. After an exchange of words, Umbridge, Harry, and Hermione go off to the Forbidden Forest to show her the 'weapon' (OP32).

Hermione, Harry, and Umbridge walk into the forest, Hermione goes in quite noisly as she is hoping to catch some of the creature's attention. Once they're deeper into the forest, an arrow flies out at them. The centaurs have heard the footsteps of Hermione. Umbridge wastes no time of insulting them and putting them down. In the end, the centaurs have had enough of her when she tells them that they are 'Filthy Half-Breeds' and attack Magorian. At this, Bane lifts her high into the air - disarming her, before running away with her. (OP33).

She was later rescued by Dumbledore, he strolled into the forest and came back out with Umbridge without a scratch on him. She was then placed in the Hospital Wing where she stares at the ceiling - her hair is a mess. Madam Pomfrey believes that Umbridge is in shock by the attack. However, when Ron made clip-clopping noises, Umbridge sat up stright and looked around for the source of the noise. She told Madame Pomprey that she must have been dreaming when asked if she was alright (OP38).

Umbridge left the school a day before the end of term. She tried to leave the Hospital Wing during dinner time - hoping to leave un-noticed. However, she wasn't counting on Peeves seeing her departing. He chased her out of the school with a walking stick and a sock full of chalk. Most of the students ran to see what happened to her in the Great Hall. Some of the Heads of Houses half-heartly tried to get the students back to dinner but gave up pretty quickly. McGonagall showed regret that she could not be one of the students chasing Umbridge out of the school as Peeves stole her walking stick to hit Umbridge (OP33).

During the Second War

Under the rein of Rufus Scrimgeour, Umbridge tried to impress him by telling him that Harry was interested in becoming an auror (HBP16).

When Harry was on his quest to find all of the Horcruxes and realized that a locket of which Mundungus had stolen, was a horcrux; he sent Kreacher to find Mundungus. Once Kreacher found Mundungus and brought him back to Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, Harry began questioning Mundungus. Mundgunus was able to reveal, that he no longer had the locket and was force to give it away. He gave it way so easily, because someone from the Ministry was going to fine him for selling Magical Objects without a license. At once, the Ministry figure spotted the locket and took the locket without fining Mundungus. Mundungus was able to give enough description that Harry knew that the 'Minstry Figure' was Umbridge (DH11).

However, when Rufus Scrimgeour died and Thicknesse became Minster of Magic, Umbridge was in charge of Muggle-born Registration Commission (DH13).

When Harry tries to find the wanted locket, he comes upon the printing of leaflets that describe the 'dangers' of Muggle-Borns living in a society of Pure-Bloods. Although there is no author on the leaflet, it's clear that it was written by Umbridge as it was full of bright colors and a wilting flower, this clearly showed that Umbridge written it (DH13).

Nearby the leaflet making, Umbridge's office is near by, and on her door there is the eye that has unmistakably resemblance to the old eye of Mad-Eye Moody. Inside Umbridge's office, there was a telescope of which was connected with the eye to spy on the workers outside. Umbridge's office was very girlie, with dried flowers, lace draperies, doilies, and on the walls ornamental plates with little kittens littered the room (DH13).

Umbridge spent most of the days giving blood status to various of wizards and witches. The witches and wizards who are to be checked for their blood status, have to go to the court where it is monitored by Dementors. As Umbridge quizzes them on various of questions, her patronus ensures that she is safe from the Dementors. Her patronus is a cat (DH13).

When Hermione was disguised as Mafalda Hopkirk and had to go to the court hearings with Umbridge she was quick to note that Umbridge was wearing the locket. Upon being complimented on the lovely locket, Umbridge revealed that the 'S' on the locket stood for "Selwyn" and was a family heirloom. She also boasted that there was very few pure-blood families of which she wasn't related to - at this, she thought it was a pity for them (DH13).

Umbridge has been described as a horrible person, therefore the locket had no affect on her as she was already as horrible as a person could get (BLC).

Harry was furious when Umbridge spun the lie about her blood relationships. He stunned her with a Stunning Spell and then took the locket, but made sure that a replica of the locket was made for her so she wouldn't be mad when she realized that she doesn't have her locket (DH12).

After the Second War

Dolores was questioned and convicted for crimes against Muggle-borns after Voldemort was defeated, and ended up in Azkaban (BLC).




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