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The veil is a tattered black curtain that hangs from a archway placed in the stone dais raised in the middle of the Death Room. "Despite the stillness of the cold surrounding air", the veil flutters "very slightly as though it ha[s] just been touched" (OP34).

It is possible to assume the veil creates some kind of connection between the world of the dead and of the living, though not much is known of how this connection is made, or of the magical properties of the archway itself (OP35).

The DA members first see the veil when entering the Death Room while looking for the Hall of Prophecy. Harry Potter is tricked by the slight movements of the veil into believing someone else could also be in the room. When approaching the dais to inspect its surrounding better, the boy discovers no one else is there.

Hermione Granger seems scared by the veil and the atmosphere of the room itself, telling Harry it "isn't right", and voicing her wish to leave. Harry, however, is completely mesmerised by the archway, thinking it has "a kind of beauty about it, old though it [is]". Intrigued by the veil, the boy feels an urge to walk through it, and starts to hear murmuring noises coming from its other side.

Harry, placing his foot on the stone dais, asks the other DA members if anyone else was able to listen to the whispers, who appeared to be growing louder. Luna Lovegood claims she can "hear them too", and states that "there are people in there". Still scared and apparently angry, Hermione argues "there isn't any 'in there'" and that "it's just an archway, there's no room for anybody to be there". The girl then reminds Harry they were supposed to be there to rescue Sirius Black, finally pulling the boy out of his trance and back to reality.

Both Neville Longbottom and Ginny Weasley also appear to be mesmerised by the veil, making Hermione and Ron to grab both of their arms and drag them away from the room. Back to the circular chamber, Harry asks Hermione what she reckoned the arch was. The girl replies she does not know, but that "whetever it was, it was dangerous" (OP34).

Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Bellatrix hits Sirius with a hex, and he falls through the veil, fanart by Makani.
Remus holding Harry back after Sirius fell through the veil, fanart by Makani.

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During the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Bellatrix Lestrange hits Sirius Black squarely on the chest with a spell, causing him to fall through the veil. It "flutters for a moment as though in a high wind", and then falls "back into place". He does not reappear from the other side, and the witch lets out a "thriumphant scream".

Harry does not understand how his godfather could simply disappear, and tries to reach the dais to pull him back out of the veil. Remus Lupin tells the boy there was nothing that could be done, for it was too late, and that Sirius was dead, and therefore could not come back. At first, Harry does not believe him, thinking Lupin failed to understand that "people hid behind that curtain", and that he "had heard them whispering the first time he had entered the room". When the boy realises his godfather was not simply lurking behind the veil, but truly dead, he loses all control and runs out of the Death Room after Bellatrix (OP35).


  • Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter are the only ones among the DA members who enter the Department of Mysteries to claim they can hear murmuring and whispering coming from the other side of the veil (OP34). They also are, along with Neville, the only ones who claim they can see Thestrals (OP10, OP21). While Neville does not mention anything regarding the voices beyond the veil, it is possible to argue the boy did not get close enough to the stone dais to be able to hear them (OP34).

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