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The Group that Shall Not be Named at a diner after the live PotterCast 176
The Group that Shall Not be Named, or TGTSNBN, is New York City's Harry Potter Meetup Group, the world's largest HP Meetup. The chief organizer is Jon Rosenthal. The group numbers over 500 members.

Types of Meetups

Because TGTSNBN and the popular Harry Potter fan site The Leaky Cauldron are both based in New York City, TGTSNBN often attends events hosted by The Leaky Cauldron, such as live PotterCasts.

TGTSNBN also play a number of Quidditch matches every year, usually about one each month. These matches are played between three teams, the Central Park Centaurs, the Manhattan Marauders, and this season's new addition, the Downtown Dementors.

One memorable meetup centered around the original copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard that Arthur Levine allowed the New York Public Library to put on display for a month.

A considerable number of the meetups occur at wizard rock concerts. There are several wrockers among the members of TGTSNBN, including Celestial Warmbottom, Madam Pince and the Librarians, Nagini, Bella and le Strangers, and Stacy (Swish) of Swish and Flick. TGTSNBN also helped to organize the Witch Rock Concert Series, which are a series of wizard rock concerts with only female performers.

TGTSNBN organizes the huge parties "Evil Day" and the upcoming "Evil Day 2," which are enormous formal parties with lots of evil wizard rock, dancing, trvia contests, costumes, and more.

In September of 2009 TGTSNBN hosted its first Triwizard Tournament. The first task was a round robin Quidditch Tournament (Hogwarts won), the second task was twelve three-way duels (Beauxbatons won), the third (surprise) task was to put on a skit in half an hour (Beauxbatons won). The winner of the Tournament was Beauxbatons, with Hogwarts in second place, and Durmstrang a very distant third.

Groups within TGTSNBN include the NYDA (New York City's chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance), Hunter DA (a Harry Potter club at Hunter College), and the Dancing Death Eaters (a ballroom dance troop that performs to wizard rock songs, headed by Irvin.

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