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The Great Break is a community that was created to support writers leaving because of the site's oppressing policies, but has now grown into a rather large LiveJournal Harry Potter community.

On a more informative front, back in the summer of 2005, Sarinileni's beloved Lily/James NC-17 fic, Lust... or Love?, had been deleted from the site for insufficient reasons. When the creator, Solarism discovered this and uncovered the reasons for its deletion, she was outraged, and she, along with the other original nine admins became very outspoken protesters of their policies. She wrote what is now known as the entry that contributed greatly to not only the community's eventual creation, but also to its influx in members. Banners were created quite proudly by the graphic designer, Juli, with the slogan, "I Support Sarinileni. And I won't give into Witch Hunts." People that had read the entry were encouraged to use the banners everywhere; their online blogs, their fanfiction archive biography page -- anything to get the word out.

A day later, the community was created and the admins became utterly astounded when the community's members swelled greatly within a few short hours. With community's increase in numbers by the hour, introduction posts were made by the minute and fresh ideas floated around all summer long.

Masked Reviewers

But with the community's creation, and the very outspoken members of this community, there were people that arose that weren't so fond of the idea. The most prominent and outspoken of these protesters were a group of people that called themselves the Masked Reviewers. It was because of these people that the community had to go friends-only on all posts, since they had taken to making anonymous comments that demeaned not only the community, but its members. They even went so far as to hunt out members' journals and harass them there by leaving anonymous comments on all of their personal journal posts.

Finally, when the community locked all of its entries, and most of the members had taken to locking their journals up, they stopped for the time being. However, when the sixth book was released, the morning of its release, they had written a mass e-mail to a good number of the members that contained spoilers. As the members are scattered throughout the world, many of them had not even had the chance to pick up the book yet and were rightly upset about these e-mails. The community had to undergo a plan of action and stated that if the e-mails weren't specifically from the community e-mail or from one of the admins' personal e-mails, it would be best to ignore them.


With all these ideas, a few communities were spawned from the original, including:

Hourglass Awards: A community that was originally independent of TGB, it became an affiliate and also a promised site feature. Solarism had created this community with a friend (fivefootgiant) in order to establish a Harry Potter awards site that didn't fall by the wayside midway through, and didn't just nominate those with the most reviews.

Hijackers_Anonymous: Hijackers Anonymous is a community that began during a long, drawn out conversation at TGB between Runi, Kelly, and Christy. The eventual creation of this community happened so that people that enjoyed hijacking to a ridiculous extent, could take it to this community.

TGB Submods

The TGB submods were six members that were promoted by the admins to overlook the community, while the admins could focus on's eventual launch. The admins went through the community and decided on these six based on how active they were, whether the reminded members to lock their posts, if they contributed intelligent conversation in discussions, and if they made thought-provoking posts. They were assigned several duties, including ones that the admins had done before they handed over the community: making sure that posts are protected, giving occasional updates on important community issues, and presenting discussion questions to the community.

Unfortunately, the admins began to feel that the submods weren't sufficient stewards of the community, and took over the community once more only after a few short months.

With the submods demoted, and the admins back in control, the community underwent a significant change. Rules were tightened.

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