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Stacy (Swish) rocking out at the first witch rock concert
Swish and Flick are the foremost hip-hop band in wizard rock. They are based in New York City, and affiliated with The Group that Shall Not be Named. They are also responsible for organizing the New York City Witch Rock Concerts, a series of concerts to feature only female wizard rockers.


Swish and Flick are Slytherins, so Slytherin and Draco Malfoy feature heavily in their songs. They have so far released one self-titled album, and expect to release their second album in May to coincide with their performance at LeakyCon. Among their more well-known songs are "House of Slytherin" ("S-l-y in Slytherin" on their CD), "Draco Malfoy", and "Cho Chang".

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