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Stan Shunpike
Appearance pimples, protruding ears, Cockney accent
Occupation Knight Bus conductor (until arrest)
Allegiance Death Eaters (while Imperiused)
Portrayer in the movies Lee Ingleby
First appearance in canon The Knight Bus (PA)

Stan Shunpike is the conductor of the Knight Bus. He is quite young (five years older than Harry Potter), has pimples, protruding ears and a strong Cockney accent. He wears a purple uniform at work. He is nosy, chatty, and likes to invent stories to portray himself as more important than he really is.

Harry first met Stan when he ran away from the Dursleys after having blown up his aunt (PA2) and accidentally flagged down the Knight Bus (PA3). Stan's nosiness vexed Harry, who wanted to conceal his identity.

At the evening after the Quidditch World Cup, the Trio saw Stan in passing: he was trying to impress a Veela, bragging that he was going to be the youngest Minister for Magic ever (GF9).

Harry met Stan again on the Knight Bus when he returned to Hogwarts after the Christmas holidays in his fifth year. Stan was excited to see him, as Harry was quite famous due to his regular appearance in the Daily Prophet (OP24).

Later, Stan was arrested for "suspicion of Death Eater activity" after he had been overheard talking about Death Eaters' secret plans in a pub. He was probably innocent and was just inventing the story to make himself sound important (HBP11). Harry and Arthur Weasley suspected that the Ministry only arrested him to prove that they were doing something against Voldemort (HBP16). Stan was kept imprisoned although no sound evidence of his guilt existed. Harry and Dumbledore both appealed to Minister Rufus Scrimgeour to set Stan free, to no avail (HBP16, HBP30). Harry used Stan's case as an example of why he disagreed with the Ministry's policy (HBP16).

After the Azkaban breakout of July 1997, Stan was presumably placed under the Imperius Curse by Voldemort's followers. He fought in the Battle of the Seven Potters; his mask slipped and Harry recognised him. Not wishing to harm Stan who he supposed was innocent, Harry chose to Disarm him instead. The surrounding dark wizards, who had come to see Expelliarmus as a signature move of Harry's, took this as evidence that he was the real Harry Potter and summoned Voldemort (DH4, DH5).

Ron Weasley said that his name was Stan Shunpike when he was first captured by a gang of Snatchers. The Snatchers, who were not particularly bright, got into a fight with each other over whether or not to believe Ron and he was able to escape (DH19). This did not work when Ron attempted it the second time, with the group whose leader was Fenrir Greyback. Scabior stated that they knew Stan, who had "put a bit of work [their] way" (DH23).

Stan was presumably released from the Imperius Curse after the Dark Lord's fall, along with the other Imperiused victims all over the country (DH36).

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