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"Dangerous" Dai Llewellyn to A Very Frosty Christmas (HBP)
A Very Potter Musical to Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece to Audrey
Audrey/Percy to Bell/Johnson/George/Fred/Alicia
Bell/Johnson/George/Fred/Spinnet to Books and Quills
Boomslang to Celestial Serpent
Celestial Warmbottom to Conjuring Spell
Conjuring Spells to Dean/Hermione
Dean/Lavender to Drabble
Drabbles to Draco/Remus/Lucius/Harry/Sirius/Snape
Draco/Remus/Lucius/Harry/Snape/Sirius to Dudders
Duddy to Erumpents
Essence to Flaming Toad
Flanders to Fred/George/Lupin
Fred/George/Padma/Parvati to George/Fred/Bell/Angelina/Alicia
George/Fred/Bell/Angelina/Spinnet to Ginny/Neville/Luna/Harry/Hermione/Ron
Ginny/Neville/Luna/Harry/Ron/Hermione to Gulping gargoyles
Gum Disease to Harry/Hermione/Ron
Harry/Hermione/Ron/Draco/Ginny to Harry/Severus/Lucius/Sirius/Lupin/Draco
Harry/Severus/Lucius/Sirius/Remus/Draco to Herbal Medicine
Herbert to Hogwarts
Hogwarts, A History to James/Bellatrix
James/Dorcas to Karkaroff/Eileen
Karkaroff/Krum to Lettuce
Level Eight to Lucius/Harry/Lupin/Snape/Sirius/Draco
Lucius/Harry/Remus/Draco/Severus/Sirius to Lucius/Snape/Harry/Draco/Sirius/Remus
Lucius/Snape/Harry/Lupin/Draco/Sirius to Lupin/Lucius/Draco/Sirius/Severus/Harry
Lupin/Lucius/Draco/Sirius/Snape/Harry to Marcus/Cedric/Davies/Oliver
Marcus/Cedric/Davies/Wood to Ministry Witch Still Missing – Minister for Magic Now Personally...
Ministry Witch Still Missing — Minister for Magic Now Personally... to Nagini/Boa Constrictor
Nagini (band) to Number four, Privet Drive
Number twelve to PA6
PA7 to Phineas Black (burnt)
Phineas Nigellus to Pure Manure
Pureblood to Remus/Hermione/Sirius
Remus/Hermione/Snape to Roger/Flint/Diggory/Oliver
Roger/Flint/Diggory/Wood to S. Capper
S. Fawcett to Severus/Harry/Draco/Sirius/Lucius/Remus
Severus/Harry/Draco/Sirius/Lupin/Lucius to Sirius
Sirius' Motorcycle to Sirius/Lupin/Harry/Draco/Snape/Lucius
Sirius/Lupin/Harry/Lucius/Draco/Severus to Snape/Draco/Lupin/Harry/Sirius/Lucius
Snape/Draco/Lupin/Lucius/Harry/Sirius to Sopophorous Beans
Sopophorous beans to Switchblade Kittens
Switching Spell to The Weasley family
The Wedding (DH) to Undesirable
Undesirable Number One to Wiggenweld potion
Wiggleswade to Zsenya
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