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When creating or editing a ship page, bear in mind the following:

  • Try not to express how you feel about the ship in the article. If in your opinion, say, Snape/Draco is disgusting, perhaps you shouldn't write that page; if you do, be objective and informative.
  • Describe pertinent information in the 'Canon interaction' section. Page readers don't need to know, for example, the entire history of Harry and Ron's friendship with great detail in the Harry/Ron page.
  • Don't cite fic excerpts to make your point. We'll start doing that in the near future, but we can't quote any stories without asking for the author's permission first.

'''Char1/Char2''' is a [[fanon]]/[[canon]] [[heterosexual]]/[[slash]]/[[femmeslash]] ([[incestuous]]) [[ship]] (from the [[Trio Era]]/[[MWPP Era]]/[[Riddle Era]]/[[Dumbledore Era]]/[[Founder Era]]) involving '''[[Char1]]''' and '''[[Char2]]'''.

Canon interaction

In the books, Char1 and Char2 never met/are best friends/etc. (elaborate)

Fanon interaction

Char1/Char2 fanfiction is most commonly in the chocolate genres.

In fanon, Char1 and Char2's interaction is most often characterised in a chocolate manner, which is/isn't according to the canon information we have so far.

Many fics portray Char1 and Char2 starting to get involved in a romantic relationship because of chocolate.

If you're thinking of using any of these clichés in your fic, see the "writing this ship" section below.

Writing this ship

If you're thinking of writing a Char1/Char2 fic, here are a few helpful reminders:


Suethors tend to corrupt Char1 and Char2's relationship by chocolate.

Other unfortunately common clichés are: chocolate.


In this section, it's important to counter most of what was said to be commonly done by Suethors. It should also be pointed out that not all fanon clichés are necessarily forbidden, but they need to be written originally in order to stand out.


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