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Romilda; fanart by Makani.
Romilda Vane is a Gryffindor, two years younger than Harry Potter. She's described as "a bold-looking girl with large dark eyes, a prominent chin and long black hair" (HBP7).

Romilda developed a crush on Harry on her fourth year. The first mention of her in the books was when she asked him to join her friends and her in their compartment on Hogwarts Express. She applied for Quidditch trials, even though she was terrible at flying (HBP11).

When news about Slughorn's Christmas plans spread around the school, Romilda, among other girls, started plotting to give Harry a Love Potion (HBP14). He didn't eat the Chocolate Cauldrons that she had drenched with the potion. Instead, he kept them in his trunk, and Ron Weasley ate them by mistake on his birthday.

Ron's insane love for Romilda forced Harry to take him to Professor Slughorn's office, where he drank enchanted oak-matured mead (HBP18).

When Harry started dating Ginny, Romilda asked her if the rumours about Harry having a Hippogriff tattooed across his chest were true (HBP26).





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