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Reviews are comments left by fanfiction readers to authors about their stories.

Reviews can sometimes congratulate the author for their great story or compliment their plot, characterisation, etc. or can tell the writer what's wrong with the story. They're usually what makes the author keep on writing.

Using constructive criticism is highly recommended; "OMG I <3 U UPDATE PLZ"-style reviews are not, nor are the flames.

Tips on writing a helpful review

To start off a good review, tell the author what you enjoy about their chapter/story. Highlight certain aspects you found interesting or you enjoyed. If you fail to comment about anything good in the story, your review is considered to be a flame. Positive reinforcement helps to take the edge off any negative comments or constructive criticism you have to add, and assures them that some parts of the story were likeable.

If the piece is horrible and stabbing your eyes out is preferable to reading it, don't lie to let them down easily. Your task as a reviewer is to help them improve. Tell them, honestly, that you didn't enjoy it at all, and then move on to the next step. Make sure to comment on what ruined it for you, be it characterisation, plot, or that flighty temptress, grammar. The writer may be gracious enough to consider it a compliment that you even bothered to review. If not, be prepared for wank. Also, consider posting it to a sporking community on LiveJournal such as Deleterius.

After you have pointed out positive aspects of the story, move on to the negative parts. Telling them that their story sux0rz is not an appropriate way to point out the bad in the story. Inform them of their mistakes and things that could be improved upon, and suggest methods in which to improve them. Try to include at least one thing in the story that could use improvement. Do not cut out any constructive criticism comments, as it is an essential aspect to the review.

After this, wrap up your review by stating a positive comment. If, however, you cannot find one single redeeming thing about the story, tell the writer that he or she shows a lot of potential and room for improvement. Most Suethors will be so overjoyed about getting a review, he or she will no doubt e-mail you and beg you to be their beta reader. We at UnknowableWiki urge you to please think this decision through. Don't hesitate to sleep on it. For several nights, if need be.

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