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Character profile
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Quirinus Quirrell
Death June 4, 1991
School Hogwarts, presumably
Hogwarts achievements Hogwarts Staff
Occupation Muggle Studies, and later Defence Against the Dark Arts professor
Special abilities affinity for trolls
Allegiance Lord Voldemort
Portrayer in the movies Ian Hart
First appearance in canon Diagon Alley (PS)

Quirinus Quirrell was the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts (PS5). He won the post after some time working as Muggle Studies teacher (BLC).

In the summer of 1991, Quirinus Quirrell went to Albania. Voldemort seized the opportunity to use him; Quirrell brought him back to England, and eventually to Hogwarts. The Dark Lord planned to obtain the Philosopher's Stone and fabricate Elixir of Life to acquire a body. Acting on his orders, Quirrell broke into Gringotts to get it from Vault 713 on July 31, 1991 (PS8), but Dumbledore had ordered Hagrid to empty the vault earlier that same day.

Quirrell met Harry Potter in the Leaky Cauldron before the boy entered Diagon Alley to buy school supplies (PS5).

Dumbledore stored the Philosopher's Stone inside the Hogwarts castle, under a trapdoor in the third-floor corridor. Quirrell obtained information regarding how to get past Fluffy, the three-headed dog guarding the trapdoor, from Hagrid in exchange for a dragon egg (PS14, PS16). He tried to get to the Stone on Hallowe'en by allowing a troll to enter the school as diversion. Severus Snape was not fooled, and hindered this attempt (PS10).

After the Gringotts fiasco, Voldemort possessed Quirrell; his face showed in the back of the professor's head, usually hidden by a large turban (PS17). Quirrell had to kill unicorns from the Forbidden Forest to drink their blood in order to strengthen the Dark Lord. The task—whose nature ensured that the drinker had to lead a cursed life from that point on, according to Firenze—greatly displeased Quirrell, and Harry once saw him trying to resist Voldemort's order to obtain more blood.

The resistance attempt was useless; Quirrell went to the Forbidden Forest and another unicorn was slain. He met Harry, Draco Malfoy and Fang there, and was about to attack Harry when Firenze rescued the boy (PS15).

About a week before Harry's exams, Voldemort ordered Quirrell to try to get the Stone again. Harry overheard this, and mistook the conversation for an argument between Snape and the Defence teacher. That night, after Dumbledore had left for London, both Quirrell and the Trio went through the obstacles blocking the way to the Stone (PS16).

Harry confronted Quirrell alone. The professor was having a hard time figuring out how to get to the Stone from the Mirror of Erised—he saw only himself presenting the Stone to Voldemort. The Dark Lord suggested that he use Harry, and perceived that the boy was lying about what he saw in the Mirror. Voldemort then ordered Quirrell to let him speak to Harry face to face and noticed that the boy had the Stone in his pocket. He was, however, unable to intimidate Harry, despite the latter's shock, terror, and intense scar pain.

The Dark Lord commanded Quirrell to seize and kill Harry, but the professor was unable to do so. The protection that Lily's death had cast upon Harry rendered it impossible for Quirrell to touch him; his hands broke out in blisters whenever he tried. Harry instinctively touched the professor's face before passing out; Quirrell died, and Voldemort fled to Albania once more (PS17).

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