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Harry Potter seeing his family in the Mirror of Erised. Fanart by reallycorking.

The Potter family was a family of pure-blood status until James Potter married Lily Evans, a Muggle-born witch. Their son Harry is therefore considered a half-blood. Harry's children with Ginny Weasley, James, Albus and Lily, have four wizarding grandparents and can therefore be considered pure-bloods (JKRW).

Charlus Potter married Dorea Black; they had one child (BFT). Dorea was Sirius Black's great-aunt. There is a great deal of fandom speculation that Charlus and Dorea are the parents of James Potter; however, this has not been confirmed. If this were the case, James Potter and Sirius Black would be second cousins.

James' parents were wealthy; they were both fairly old when their only son was born, and he was therefore rather spoiled. The couple gladly welcomed James' best friend, Sirius Black, into their household after Sirius fled number twelve, Grimmauld Place (OP6). Despite their blood status, it is unlikely that the Potters shared the prejudice displayed by other old and traditional families.

Throughout his childhood, Harry was told by Aunt Petunia that his parents died in a car crash (PS2).

J. K. Rowling has stated that the James Potter's parents died of natural causes before Harry's birth (WBD).

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