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PotterCast is TLC's podcast. It is well-known for interviewing J.K. Rowling herself in episodes 130 and 131. The show occasionally makes a joint podcast with MuggleCast, known as the Leaky Mug.
The PotterCasters sitting down to begin the live PotterCast 176. From left to right: Sue, John, guest Cheryl Klein (the continuity editor of the HP books), Melissa, and Frak


The hosts of PotterCast are adults, in contrast to the hosts of MuggleCast. However, that's not to say that these hosts aren't quirky and hilarious.


Melissa Anelli is the head of The Leaky Cauldron. She usually acts as the voice of reason between Sue and John. She is the only one of the hosts to have achieved the status of BNF, but wrote in her book Harry, A History that she prefers being known for PotterCast to being known as a BNF.


Sue is the eldest member of PotterCast. She is known for having popularized the term Squee in the fandom.


John is the comedian of PotterCast. He is known for his extreme love of Dawlish (he even invented a famous dance called the "Dawlish Bounce"), so much so that J.K. Rowling decided to give Dawlish the first name "John" after him. This makes John Dawlish the second character in the books to be named after a real person (the first was Natalie McDonald).


Frak is the technician, and only became a host in 2008. He usually acts as Melissa's backup, helping her in her attempts to maintain a modicum of sanity in the podcast.

The House-elf Controvery

Sue is an incredible lover of house-elves, and is a very dedicated member of Hufflepuff House and admirer of Helga Hufflepuff. John declared that Helga Hufflepuff was the one who first enslaved the house-elves to work in the Hogwarts kitchens. Sue, aghast at this accusation, replied that Hufflepuff actually gave the house-elves sanctuary at Hogwarts. Since then, this debate has been a recurring element on PotterCast. J.K. Rowling added fuel to the fire when she said that both Sue and John had valid points.

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