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Page titles are extremely important, for obvious reasons. Proper spelling is essential. In case of differences between Commonwealth English and American English, the British title will be used, and the American one should be redirected (see below for more information).


Titles should be as objective and informative as possible, and never ambiguous (for more information on how to solve this problem, see disambiguation).

Use general and easily understandable terms. For instance, if you want to talk about 'That lake scene with the Marauders and Snape,' use Snape's Worst Memory as the article title.

If a character has two names (e.g. a woman who got married in canon), the one readers last saw her using in the books is preferrable.


Ship articles should be titled according to the most common fandom usage for that particular ship: Ship:Lily/James, Ship:Remus/Sirius, Ship:Ron/Hermione, et al. In general, ships have other possible titles, and they are used as redirects (see here for instructions on making redirects).

  • First of all, ship articles ought to have a redirect from the name displayed on their main page; so Lily/James would redirect to Ship:Lily/James.
  • Second, the reverse of the two names should be a redirect; i.e., James/Lily.
  • If the ship has a name, it should also redirect to that ship; for example, Wolfstar redirects to Ship:Remus/Sirius.
  • If the last names of the characters are unique -- that is, no one else shares it in the books -- then they may also be used as redirects, and the number of possible combinations grows. For example, you would not use "Granger/Weasley" to refer to Ron/Hermione, because there are other Grangers and Weasley, but Parkinson/Chang redirects to Ship:Pansy/Cho, because Chang and Parkinson are not used as surnames for anyone else.


All page titles should be properly capitalised. Our policy is pretty simple:

  • Capitalise the first and last words of every title.
  • Please remember not to capitalise short prepositions (such as 'by' and 'on').
  • Always capitalise verbs, should they be necessary.
  • Don't capitalise articles ('the', 'a', 'an').


If there are two possible titles for your article (e.g. Lily Potter and Lily Evans), use one of them as the main article (in this case, Lily Potter), and redirect the other one. In order to do this, create a new page with the other title and write simply #REDIRECT [[Main article title]].

Have you got Page Titles down well enough? Discover our policy on creating new articles before heading off to edit the rest of the wiki, then!

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