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The Servant of Lord Voldemort is the nineteenth chapter of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.


Suprised by Snape's arrival, Hermione screams. Sirius leaps to his feet. Severus throws James' Invisibility Cloak aside and claims to have found the item at the base of the Whomping Willow. He looks triumphant. Remus forgot to take the Wolfsbane Potion that day and, when Snape took a gobletful to him, he found the Marauder's Map open on the desk, which revealed that the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher was taking the Willow passageway.

Severus leers that Remus has quite the nerve to use the Shrieking Shack as hideout; he has repeatedly warned Dumbledore that Lupin has been helping Sirius into the castle, and now, at last, he has proof. Ignoring Remus' attempts to interrupt him, Snape sneers, "Two more for Azkaban tonight. I shall be interested to see how Dumbledore takes this... He was quite convinced you were harmless, you know, Lupin... a tame werewolf —"

"You fool," Remus says softly. "Is a schoolboy grudge worth putting an innocent man back inside Azkaban?"

Snape conjures snakelike cords and they bind Lupin. Enraged, Sirius faces Severus, who points his wand at Black's face. "Give me a reason," he whispers. "Give me a reason to do it, and I swear I will."

There is pure loathing in both men's features. Hermione desperately suggests to the Potions master that they hear what Sirius has to say. Severus spits, "Miss Granger, you are already facing suspension from this school. You, Potter and Weasley are out-of-bounds, in the company of a convicted murderer and a werewolf. For once in your life, hold your tongue." She insists, and he bellows, "KEEP QUIET, YOU STUPID GIRL! DON'T TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!"

Some sparks shoot off the end of his wand spontaneously. He turns to Sirius. "Vengeance is very sweet. How I hoped I would be the one to catch you..."

"The joke's on you again, Severus. As long as this boy brings his rat up to the castle, I'll come quietly..."

Snape corrects him: there will be no need to get to the castle; the Dementors can meet them at the Willow ("They'll be very pleased to see you, Black... pleased enough to give you a little kiss, I daresay..."). Sirius' face becomes paler, but it is impossible to reason with Snape, now entertaining the possibility of having Remus Kissed, as well.

Harry strides across the room and blocks the doorway. He says that Lupin could have killed him several times that year—if indeed Remus was helping Sirius, why didn't he? "Don't ask me to fathom the way a werewolf's mind works," Snape replies.


"SILENCE! I WILL NOT BE SPOKEN TO LIKE THAT!" Snape shrieks. "Like father, like son, Potter! I have just saved your neck; you should be thanking me on bended knee! You would have been well served if he'd killed you! You'd have died like your father, too arrogant to believe you might be mistaken in Black—nnot get out of the way or I will make you."

A split second later, Harry Disarms Severus.

Ron and Hermione have decided to do so at the same moment. The teacher slams into the wall and slides to the floor, unconscious.

Sirius says, "You shouldn't have done that. You should have left him to me..."

Hermione whimpers that they have attacked a teacher, and will surely be in great amounts of trouble. Remus is struggling against the ropes; Sirius bends down to untie him. Once free, Lupin thanks Harry, who replies that he's still not sure he believes the pair.

Remus states that it is time to offer proof; he demands that Ron hand him Scabbers.


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Scabbers is forced to transform to its human form; fanart by Trishna87.
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