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Oxymoron, also known as Kerstin, is an admin of Unknowable Room. Together with ChristyCorr, she is mainly responsible for UnknowableWiki and the Hourglass Awards. She lives in Germany.

Fandom Trivia

Although she started reading the Harry Potter books in early 1999, Kerstin joined the Harry Potter fandom fairly late. She started lurking around on MuggleNet in 2006 and discovered fanfiction by the end of the year. As she was mainly interested in MWPP-era fics, she quickly found UnknowableRoom and fell in love with the archive, the fics and the users. The wiki has been her favourite playground since May 2007; she edits almost daily.

Kerstin has written a some drabbles and one-shots, but she's not much of a writer. She is also a Perfect Imagination accredited beta reader.

Kerstin ships Lily/James, but she hardly ever reads romance fics these days. She loves Kreacher above all other HP characters, followed closely by Severus Snape. She has an unhealthy amount of knowledge about magical creatures and wrote almost every creature page on this wiki.

Real Life Trivia

Kerstin is twenty-three years old. She is a social sciences student with a major interest in statistics and econometrics. She is engaged and plans to remain so for the rest of her life. She loves languages and travelling.


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