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Netspeak or "n3tsp34|<" is the "language" Internet users have invented in order to be able to type faster and save keystrokes, which is also supposedly faster to read and write. Emoticons or smilies are used widely, and can become very complex. The most basic ones are ":)" to show that they're happy or ":(" to represent that they're not in the best mood.

Unknowable Room members or roomies often mock authors by using Netspeak to write bad fics.

Commonly used phrases

  • 1337, or l33t, stands for "elite". It can be used to say many things ("Oh, Halo 3 is really l33t!"), but mostly, it implies you're just a big damn (albeit l33t) nerd.
  • teh pr0n stands for "the porn", with both words misspelled on purpose. It represents, you guessed it, porn.
  • Pwn, or own, demonstrates complete and utter superiority over another person or thing. "I just wtfpwnt that n00b Josh" is "Man, I just kicked that new guy Josh's ass!".
  • teh originated as a misspelling of "the", but has been used so many times that it's officially on purpose now.

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