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Character profile
Mundungus Fletcher
Allegiance Order of the Phoenix
First appearance in canon Dudley Demented (OP) (mention); A Peck of Owls (OP) (appearance)

Mundungus Fletcher is a highly dodgy member of the Order of the Phoenix. He is squat and bandy-legged, with long, straggly, ginger hair. He strongly smells of old tobacco and alcohol, and is often seen smoking his pipe, which lets out greenish smoke smelling of burning socks (OP5).

He was first introduced when Arthur Weasley complained about him; he arrived at The Burrow saying that in one of the nine raids that occurred that night Mundungus attempted to hex him when he had his back turned (CS3).

He was also at the Quidditch World Cup, sleeping under a cloak propped up with sticks. After the incident, he claimed to the Ministry of Magic that he had a 12-room tent with a jacuzzi (GF10).

He was mentioned in passing in GF36, as one of the members of the "old crowd" whom Sirius Black was sent to warn of Lord Voldemort's return. He was also said to have been expelled from the Hog's Head, forcing him to disguise himself as a woman in order to re-enter the Hogsmeade pub.

On August 2, 1995, he abandoned his post watching over Harry Potter at number four, Privet Drive in order to go check out a batch of stolen cauldrons, much to Arabella Figg's frustration. This allowed two Dementors to find Harry and his cousin Dudley, forcing the former to cast a Patronus Charm—allowing him to be almost punnished by Ministry of Magic (OP1).

Molly Weasley is not very fond of him, especially after the Dementor incident. She yelled at him for bringing said batch of stolen cauldrons to number twelve, Grimmauld Place, claiming that the house was not a storage facility for stolen items. Molly only began to warm up to him a little when he rescued her son Ron from a set of purple robes that were trying to strangle the boy (OP6).

Fred, George, Ron and Ginny greatly enjoy listening to Mundungus' tales; this infuriates Molly (OP5).

He tends to doze off during Order meetings and trusts Sirius; when he jolted awake in the middle of dinner after a meeting, he said, "Some'n say m'name? I 'gree with Sirius..." (OP5).

Mundungus obtained a large Christmas tree for number twelve, Grimmauld Place (OP23).

Dung is a half-blood (HBP13). The portrait of Phineas Nigellus Black in Albus Dumbledore's office revealed that information when the former Headmaster first discovered that Mundungus has been trying to sell Black heirlooms to shady characters, as witnessed by Harry (HBP12)

Mundungus was later arrested and sent to Azkaban for impersonating an Inferius in order to carry out a burglary; Severus Snape told this to Seamus Finnigan while teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts, saying in a bored tone, "[The] so-called Inferius was nothing but a smelly sneak-thief by the name of Mundungus Fletcher." (HBP21)




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