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MuggleCast is a weekly podcast hosted by several staff memebers of one of the largest Harry Potter fan site on the web, The idea for a Harry Potter podcast came about in April of 2005 when a fellow MuggleNet staffer, Sarah, proposed the idea in the staff forum. The idea of a Harry Potter podcast was met with mixed reviews, but nevertheless, over the span of three months, MuggleCast went into development. Finally, on August 9, 2005 MuggleCast made it's debut on iTunes as the first Harry Potter Podcast, hosted by Andrew Sims, Ben Schoen, and Kevin Steck.

The show was met with immediate sucess, reaching the number one spot on iTune's list of highest rated podcasts within thier first week.

Since then the show's sucess has only escalated, as MuggleCast rounds on it's second year on the air. The show has expanded to include seven regular co-hosts and a variety of regular segments.

Show format

Each episode of MuggleCast on average runs about 1 hour and 30 minutes in lenght. The show opens with a brief word from their sponsors:

Following the brief message from their sponsors, the show host, more often than not Andrew Sims, will intro the show and the rest of the co-hosts will introduce themselves. The introduction is followed by a recap of the week's latest Harry Potter news done by Micah Tannenbaum. After the news segment, the moderator will introduce the main discussion for the week which will for the most part fill up the remainder of the remainder of the show.


Throughout it's two years running, MuggleCast has premiered a variety of segments, not all of which have become regular segments on the show. Below, is a completed list of both current, occasional, and discontinued segments on the show:

  • Andrew's HUH?! Segment: in which Andrew reads particularly weird or random emails sent in by listeners of the show. discontinued
  • Andrew's Listener Challenge of the Week: Origially started as a way to promote the show. Andrew's first listener challenge was to have listeners put up posters around your town telling people to listen to MuggleCast Has changed into Andrew encouraging MuggleCast listeners to do crazy things. Although this segment was thought to be discontinued, it has been making a recent comback.
  • Andrew's Wizard Rock Update: In which Andrew lets listeners know how his aspirations to become a Wizard Rocker are going. His first single entitled Wizard Rock Single 1 made it's debut on episode 70. He recently released his second single on Episode 94 entitled Don't Let It Be July. A song parody to the tune of NSYNC's Bye Bye Bye
  • Chapter-By-Chapter: Originally thought up by co-host Eric Scull, Chapter-By-Chapter was meant to be a read along of the Harry Potter (series) but was discontinued by popular demand after the reread of Sorcerer's Stone
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul: the c-hosts pick an inspirational email, telling how MuggleCast helps listeners in their daily lives
  • Debate: co-hosts are split up into two teams and debate over a popular aspect of the books. The winner is decided upon by a poll that is placed up on the MuggleCast website and then announced the following week. semi-regular
  • Duelling Club: two characters from the [Harry Potter (series)] are picked at random and the co-hosts must state who they think would win in a duel and why.
  • Dumbledore-Norris Facts: in which Jamie reads sent in, or self thought up 'facts' about Dumbledore inspired by the popular 'Chuck Norris facts.'


  • Editorial Segment: an interview conducted with one of MuggleNet's many famous editorials. Usually conducted by Laura Thompson and Micah Tannenbaum.


  • Eric's Crack-Pot Theory of the Week: in which co-host Eric Scull is given a strange or obscure theory at random, sent in by a fan and has 1-2 minutes to defend it to the best of his ability. discontinued, with the promise of returning soon
  • "Gimme a Butterbeer!": inspired by 20/20's John Stossel's Gimme A Break! segment. Ben will give his views on a particularly touchy Potter subject. on hiatus
  • Jamie's British Joke of the Day: in which Jamie shares a British joke with his fellow cohosts and listeners.
  • Listener Rebuttles: in which the co-hosts read any rebuttles sent in by listeners pertaining to the prior week's show.
  • Live Call-in: the MuggleCasters allow fans to call in via Skype or landline phone numbers to discuss theories or bring up anything related to the show or Harry Potter (series)
  • 'Make the Connection: a rather new segment in which Jamie gives his fellow co-hosts a random topic (usually a book, film, or tv show) which they must compare or connect back to Harry Potter (series)
  • The Road to Deathly Hallows: the hosts discuss their answers to Scholastic's Deathly Hallows questions. seasonal segment-- will discontinue after July 21, 2007
  • Spy On Spartz: co-hosts take turns checking webmaster Emerson Spartz's away message on AIM and updating listeners on his status. discontinued
  • Voice Mails: the co-hosts answer questions listeners have called in on the air. Had been discontinued for quite some time, but recently made a comeback in Episode 95.

About the hosts

  • Andrew Sims age 18, hails from Medford, New Jersey. Andrew graduated in June of 2007 from Shawnee High school where he invested a lot of his time working on the school's news program. On the show, he is the main host and acts as a moderator throughout it's entirety. Andrew will be attending Rowan University this fall as an incoming freshman.
  • Ben Schoen age 18, lives in Moundridge, Kansas. Like Andrew, Ben also graduated in the spring of 2007 from high school where he was an active participant and leader of his school's debate team, winning many awards for public speaking. His background in debate does not go unnoticed on the show-- his outspoken nature and willingness to debate about all things Harry Potter. While this trait at first makes him come off as 'grumpy' to first time listeners, has also prompted such segments as Gimme a Butterbeer! and the Debate segments. In the fall of 2007, Ben will be attending the University of Notre Dame.
  • Kevin Steckage 22, is a student currently studying at the University of Connecticut. He is one of the original co-hosts of MuggleCast and is also seen as the resident 'nerd' due to his 'tech' knowledge. He is often described as "backwards compatible with Windows 3.1" by the other cohosts, which has become somewhat of a good-natured running joke.
  • Jamie Lawrence is a 20 year old college student currently studying at Durham University in the UK. He is more commonly referred to as the 'resident Brit' of the podcast, adored by fans everywhere for his rather attractive British accent as well as his striking rendition of Cascada's Every Time We Touch. Jaime never fails to amuse, incorporating his rather distinct witty humor into each and every show he is on.
  • Eric Scull age 19 hails from Reading, Pennsylvania but is currently away studying at university in Wellington, New Zealand. Eric's vast knowledge of the Potter universe does not go unnoticed on the show but makes for rather entertaining, or arguably annoying (depending on how you look at it) rants and rambles. These rather long rants have earned Eric many fans as well as resulted in his often used nickname, "the Speiler." Eric's constant and almost expected rants have also brought about the creation of another loved MuggleCast segment known as Crack-pot Theory of the Week.
  • Laura Thompson

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