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Moonstone is one of the ingredients used to brew the Draught of Peace. The potion-maker has to reduce the moonstone to powder in order to use it in this potion.

After the class in which Snape's fifth-year students brew the Draught of Peace, he orders to them to write a twelve-inch essay on the magical properties of moonstone and its use in Potions (OP12). Harry and Ron research in the library in order to write this essay, and Harry also consults his Potions textbook before completing it at half past two in the morning of the day when he is supposed to hand it in; he does not do a good job on the essay, and knows that it is terrible, but he cannot bring himself to write anything better because he is extremely tired (OP13). Harry gets a 'D' for this essay (OP15).

Aunt Muriel's goblin-made tiara is ornated with moonstones (DH25).

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