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Character profile
Poppy Pomfrey
School Hogwarts
Hogwarts achievements Hogwarts Staff
Occupation nurse
Allegiance Hogwartian
Portrayer in the movies Gemma Jones

Poppy Pomfrey, better known to students as "Madam Pomfrey," is the matron of Hogwarts' Hospital Wing. Her concern for her patients causes her to impose strict visitation rules and other restrictions when they stay in the Hospital Wing, but she is an adept Healer.




During his years at Hogwarts, Harry had many accidents and run-ins resulting in a range of injuries.

In his second year, Harry broke his right arm when he was hit by a cursed bludger. Professor Gilderoy Lockhart, attempting to heal Harry, proceeded to remove all the bones in Harry's arm. Madam Pomfrey gaved Harry Skele-Gro to facilitate the bone-regrowth process (CS10).

Petrified Patients

Pomfrey set up the petrified victims of the Basilisk in the Hospital Wing: these included Hermione, Colin Creevey, and Penelope Clearwater.

Battle of Hogwarts

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During the Battle of Hogwarts, Pomfrey oversaw the evacuation of students via the Room of Requirement passageway along with Argus Filch (DH31). She also tended to the injured—among which Firenze—during the one-hour cease-fire Voldemort established (DH33).




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