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Lust...Or Love? is a fanfic written by Sarinileni. A spin-off, written from James' perspective, was later written and posted at the Unknowable Room.

The plot

The fic is centred on the relationship between Lily and James Potter. At the start of the fic, the two students do not get along well; this is due, among other reasons, to Lily's relationship with Vince Malfoy, a Slytherin, and to James' long-lasting infatuation with her.

Unwilling to admit that she is a virgin to Vince, Lily lies to him, saying that she slept with James Potter some months previously. She decides to ask James for help; she reveals this lie to him and asks him to practice with her so that she will not make a fool of herself with Vince. James eventually agrees with this plot.

Relevance to the history of Unknowable Room

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Despite its NC-17 rating, Lust or Love was originally posted on FanFiction.Net, a website that did not allow fics of this rating. The fic quickly gained popularity among Marauder-era fans.

However, someone reported the fic to the FanFiction.Net administration, accusing it of containing NC-17-rated scenes. Lust or Love was quickly deleted; Sarinileni and her fans were disappointed, but she decided to post the fic once more, removing the NC-17 scenes.

Soon after the new version was posted, the site administration deleted the fic once more. This new, purposeless offence angered many of Sarinileni's fans, notably Solarism, who made an outraged LiveJournal post calling upon her own friends and fans to leave FanFiction.Net and found a new archive.

Solarism herself, much like Sarinileni and most of their readers, was a primarily Marauder-era-oriented ficwriter. For this reason, a great majority of the authors and readers that responded to this initial effort--which would result in the creation of the community The Great Break, and eventually to that of the Unknowable Room archive--were Marauder-era fans.

After its second deletion, Lust or Love was posted at and in Sarinileni's LiveJournal. When the Unknowable Room website was launched, Sarinileni posted the fic there as well, along with its spin-off and her other works.

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