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Love Potions are potions that make the drinker have a romantic obsession with someone, as there is no way to create artificial love (HBP9, BB3).

  • Love Potions are supposedly banned from Hogwarts (GF27).
  • Frozen Ashwinder eggs can be used as ingredients in Love Potions (FB).
  • The effects of Love Potions depend on varying degrees, two of which being the weight of the drinker and the attractiveness of the person with whom the potion is supposed to make the person obsessed (HBP6).
  • Amortentia is the strongest Love Potion known (HBP9).
  • The effects will ware off over time, but they can also be renewed, should the giver chose to administer more doses to the drinker (HBP10).
  • Because of the ban on Love Potions throughout Hogwarts, Fred and George Weasley send them to students disguised as perfumes or cough potions as part of their owl-order service (HBP15).
  • The target for the Love Potion does not necessarily have to be present when the consumer becomes obsessed with said target (HBP18).
  • The longer an item that is spiked with Love Potion is kept, the stronger its effects become (HBP18).
  • Even when an antidote is consumed, the drinker will still remember their behavior while under its influence, which can obviously cause terrible reprocussions (HBP18).

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