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Katie Bell
School Hogwarts
House Gryffindor
Special abilities Quidditch Chaser
Allegiance Dumbledore's Army, Hogwartian
Other affiliations Gryffindor Quidditch team
Portrayer in the movies Emily Dale (PS, CS) and Georgina Leonidas (HBP)
First appearance in canon Quidditch (PS)

Katie Bell is a Gryffindor a year above Harry Potter and a Chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team (PS11). She joined Dumbledore's Army along with her team mates Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet (OP16). In her seventh year, she was put under the Imperius Curse by Rosmerta (who was at the time under the Imperius Curse by Draco Malfoy as well). She was supposed to deliver a cursed opal necklace to Dumbledore and was badly injured when she accidentally touched it (HBP12). Katie fought in the Battle of Hogwarts (DH30).


Katie as a young girl, fanart by Umbles.

Katie is an excellent Chaser. She is good friends with her fellow Chasers Alicia Spinnet and Angelina Johnson. She also has a friend called Leanne, probably a Gryffindor in her year (HBP12, HBP24).

Katie at Hogwarts

First and second year

Katie started Hogwarts in 1990 and was Sorted into Gryffindor. In her second year, she joined her house's Quidditch team as a Chaser. Her first match, in which Gryffindor played Slytherin, took place on November 9, 1991. She was hit in the back of the head by a Bludger after making a dive around Slytherin Chaser Marcus Flint and lost the Quaffle (PS11). Gryffindor won the match. In February 1992, Gryffindor beat Hufflepuff (PS13). In June, they lost their match against Ravenclaw (and with it the Quidditch Cup) because Harry, their Seeker, was in the hospital wing after facing down Quirinus Quirrell and Lord Voldemort (PS17).

Third year

Alicia, Angelina and Katie in their Quidditch robes, fanart by Ayne.

On September 5, 1992, shortly after the beginning of the school year, Captain Oliver Wood summoned Katie and the rest of the team to practice early in the morning. Nobody except Wood was truly awake; while Wood held a long lecture, Katie was yawning next to Angelina. When the team finally entered the field, they found it already occupied by the Slytherins. Katie witnessed an argument in which Draco Malfoy called Hermione Granger a Mudblood and Ron Weasley accidentally hexed himself instead of Malfoy (CS7). Wood continued to drill his team mercilessly under all weather conditions (CS8). Gryffindor beat Slytherin in the first match of the season (CS10); the other matches were cancelled because of the Basilisk hunting the school (CS14).

Fourth year

Wood first summoned his team on a Thursday evening in October. He congratulated his team on their skills and called Katie and her fellow Chasers "superb", but he reminded them that despite being the best team, Gryffindor had not won the Cup for seven years. The team started to train three evenings a week, disregarding the bad weather and early nightfall (PA8).

Their first opponent was to be Slytherin, but the team switched with Hufflepuff a few days before the game, presumably because they did not want to play Gryffindor in bad weather conditions. When Wood told the news to the team and started to talk about Hufflepuff's Captain Cedric Diggory, Katie, Angelina and Alicia started to giggle and comment on Diggory's good looks. The match took place on November 9, 1993, in a terrible downpour; the players were drenched and hardly able to see each other. Gryffindor quickly went into the lead, but then Dementors entered the pitch and Diggory caught the Snitch while Harry Potter passed out and fell from his broom under the creatures' influence (PA9).

Gryffindor played Ravenclaw on January 5, 1994. Katie scored the first goal of the match, and soon Gryffindor was leading by eighty points. Ravenclaw made three goals, but then Harry caught the Snitch. He was kissed by Katie and the other Chasers (PA13).

The final match against Slytherin would decide which team would win the Cup. The Gryffindor common room was extremely noisy the evening before the match. Katie was laughing at Fred and George's jokes. The game itself was marked by a number of brutal fouls. When Gryffindor was twenty points in the lead, Montague went for Katie, who had the Quaffle, and gripped her head. She did a cartwheel in the air, managed to stay on her broom but dropped the ball. Gryffindor was awarded a penalty and Katie scored. Katie also scored Gryffindor's fifth goal. Harry caught the Snitch when the score was ninety to twenty for Gryffindor and Gryffindor won the Cup. Katie, Angelina and Alicia started chanting "We've won the Cup! We've won the Cup!" and the whole team hugged in the air. The were hoisted onto the shoulders of their house mates and carried back to the castle (PA15).

Fifth year

All Quidditch matches in Katie's fifth year were cancelled because of the Triwizard Tournament (GF12). When Harry Potter was selected as the fourth Triwizard Champion, Katie, like the other Gryffindors, was ecstatic. When he entered the Gryffindor common room, she shrieked that now he could pay Hufflepuff Seeker Cedric Diggory (the other Hogwarts champion) back for losing against him in their last match (GF17).

Sixth year

Seventh year

Draco Malfoy had been ordered to kill Albus Dumbledore in Katie's seventh year. One of his plans was to give Dumbledore a cursed necklace. He put Madam Rosmerta, the barmaid of the Three Broomsticks, under an Imperius Curse. At a Hogsmeade weekend, Rosmerta placed another Imperius Curse on Katie when she used the Three Broomsticks bathroom. She passed her the necklace and ordered her to give it to Dumbledore (HBP27).

On their way back to the castle, Katie's friend Leanne was bewildered by her strange behaviour. They argued and both started tugging at the parcel until it tore open and Katie's skin made contact with the necklace. The Gryffindor immediately rose into the air with her arms outstreched and her eyes closed. The next moment, she started to scream and opened her eyes. The Trio, who had been walking right behind the two girls, tried to help Leanne pull her friend back to the ground, but, when they so much as grabbed Katie's legs, she fell. The boys held her and put her on the ground, where she lay writhing and yelling. Harry ran to get help, finding Rubeus Hagrid on the way to the castle. The gamekeeper took Katie to be examined by Madam Pomfrey (HBP12).

Battle of Hogwarts

Katie had been alerted by Neville Longbottom via the Dumbledore's Army coin to report to help fight. She, along with old friends, Oliver Wood, Alicia Spinnet, and Angelina Johnson, fought alongside Harry in the battle.







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