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Character profile
Horace E. F. Slughorn
Nicknames and aliases Sluggy
Blood status probably Pure-blood
Appearance bald, fat, big moustache, extravagant clothing, pale gooseberry eyes
School Hogwarts
House Slytherin
Hogwarts achievements Potions teacher, Head of Slytherin
Occupation Potions master
Special abilities skilled potioneer, admirable networking skills, Occlumency
Allegiance Hogwartian
Other affiliations founder of the Slug Club
Portrayer in the movies Jim Broadbent
First appearance in canon Horace Slughorn (HBP)

Horace Slughorn is a Potions teacher at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as well as the Head of the Slytherin house (HBP29). He is known to be incredibly fat, an old man who has a mustache that resembles as a walrus (HBP4).


Slughorn is obsessed about social networking, and has a keen eye for students with potential for greatness. During his teaching years, he held weekly meetings of the Slug Club, whose main purpose was to establish connections between witches and wizards handpicked by him (HBP4).

He shows a great deal of ambition as to have this large social network. However, he does not wish to have the fame as some of his friends may have, he pefers the back seat as Dumbledore politely puts it (HBP4).

Slughorn is, according to Dumbledore, an able Occlumens (HBP17).


Harry First comes across Horace Slughorn in the house of a wealthy muggle. Horace Slughorn was disguised as a chair until Dumbledore poked him with his wand, hence, turning him human again. Horace Slughorn admitted to Dumbledore and Harry that he has been on the move for about a year. Going to various muggle homes and using a Freezing Charm on the buglar systems. He was terrified that Voldemort or his Death Eaters would force him onto thier side of the battle (HBP4). Dumebledore and Harry arrived to see if Horace Slughorn would come out of retirement and teach again at Hogwarts. In the end, Harry convinced Slughorn to come out of retirement by showing how much Slughorn missed the social networking that he was use to before (HBP4).

Slughorn, fanart by Makani.

Slug Club

Slughorn is quick to start up the social scene that he left off from. On the train ride to Hogwarts, he invited Harry, Neville, Ginny, Blaise Zabini, Cormac McLaggen, and Marcus Belby. These students were invited because they either showed a talent that caught Slughorn's eye as Ginny's Bat Bogey Hex or because they have famous relatives. However, he does not invite all students who have famous connections as he showed a sign of dislike when Zabini told him that Nott had benn caught at the Ministry as a Death Eater (HBP7).

The 'Slug Club' often hosts many parties, which, Harry always tries to avoid. For the first party, the date is on the day that Harry has a detention with Snape. This detention was already postpone, and Snape did not allow Harry to skip the detention to go to the party (HBP11).

The most eventful party of the 'Slug Club' is the Christmas party. Every 'Slug member' is allowed to bring a guest. Harry decides to bring Luna to the party. During the party, Slughorn shows off Harry to many of his guest including Eldred Worple. Harry gets distracted when Filch brings in Draco by the ear. Despite the protest that Filch wants to put Malfoy in detention, Slughorn allows him to stay at which Malfoy starts sucking up to Slughorn in the same fashion he used to do to Snape. Snape then requires a word with Malfoy, which leads Harry to discover some important information (HBP15).


For Slughorn, an 'E' is required to take a NEWT class. Harry and Ron are able to take this class, but not knowing that they could over the summer. They recieve the school's copy of Advanced Potion Making. Harry was lucky enough to recieve the Half-Blood Prince's copy that had the correct instructions for the difficult potions. As Harry follow these instructions, Slughorn is quick to note that he had the talent that Lily had for potions. Hermione's reaction to this was very vexed, as before she recieved high praise from Slughorn for her knowledge on various potions (HBP9).


As Slughorn is known to keep gifts to himself if they are something worth of value. When Ron got a dose of a Love Potion, Harry rushes Ron to Slughorn in hope that he has an solution to the potion. Once Slughorn cures Ron, he offers some mead to drink to celebrate Ron's birthday as well as 'pick me up' for Ron. However, once Ron drinks the mead it's obivous that someone has tampered with it as he drops to the floor and starts shaking as if he is having a seizure. Slughorn stood frozen to the ground as Harry quickly shoves a bezoar down the throat of Ron (HBP18).


When Harry and Dumbledore are looking into old memories to find out more about the past of Voldemort, Dumbledore gets a tampered memory from Slughorn. In the tampered memory, it shows Voldemort revealing his knowledge of petty gossip going on in the staff. Then, all of sudden the memory is filled with a thick white fog in which Harry can hear Slughorn saying that Vodemort will go wrong with his way of knowing information that he shouldn't. Later on in the memory, when Voldemort asks about Horcruxes, the white fog returns and the voice of Slughorn rings out that he knows nothing about Horocruxes and to get out (HBP17).

When Harry is under the influence of Felix Felicis potion, he conviently runs into Slughorn. After explaining the situation of Hagrid's dead Acromantula and with the prospect of earning some extra money on the side Slughorn decides to come to the funeral. Once Slughornarrives, he takes some of the posion from the Actromanula and says some kind words as Hagrid is choked up to say anything. Later that evening, Slughorn and Hagrid drink quite a bit which Harry uses to his advantage. Soon the topic turns to the death of Lily and James Potter and Harry gives explicit details of thier death which disturbs Slughorn. Harry says that he 'forgot' that Slughorn was quite fond of Lily, Harry presses him to give up the memory to help vanquish the one who murdered Lily. In the end, Slughorn gives up the memory admitting that he is guilty of what the memory truly does show (HBP22).

With the correct memory, Harry rushes off to Dumbledore who is estatic and at once they're viewing the memory. In the true memory, Slughorn tells Voldemort that he will be the Minster of Magic in a short time, this was not in the tampered memory. The memory contuines on to when Voldemort asks about the Horcruxes, in which Slughorn yeilds the information to Voldemort assuming that it is for a better understanding of a term that he came across while reading (HBP23).

Head of Slytherin

Once Snape murdered Dumbledore and fled the school, Slughorn became the head of the Slytherin house (HBP29).


  • Slughorn can't carry a tune to save his life. (HBP22)




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