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The Unknowable Room was open to the public on October 31, 2005.

A (very) brief history of the Harry Potter fandom

First, there was FanFiction.Net, the biggest online fanfiction archive. There were wonderful fics there, as well as terrible ones. Websites and communities such as Deleterius and Pottersues soon started showing up everywhere, mocking the 'Pit of Voles' for its Mary Sues. Badfic continued to brew in the most different formats—notably scripts and songfics—, causing progressively more HP fans to leave the archive in search for quieter corners of the fandom.

Several things contributed to this phenomenon, including the site's banning of NC-17 fanfiction and, of course, Cassandra Claire (see Fiction Alley for more information on the so-called "Situation That Must Not Be Named"). If you weren't around back then, chances are you don't even want to know about it—this fandom has a messier and uglier history than one would assume at first glance, even considering its constant wanking, to this day.

In a way, one could say the UR.org founders were no better than all the other so-called 'wankers' who stormed out of fanfiction.net after an unexpected and unexplained action of The Powers That Be.

Lust or Love?

Sarinileni's Lust or Love was deleted from FanFiction.Net for its explicit content. Even though she was understandably irritated—it was one of the most popular Lily/James fics on the website, and it had well over 6000 reviews—, Sarina agreed that perhaps she had written a trifle over what the fic's given R rating allowed her to, so she removed all the offending parts. Much to her fans' disappointment, however, the story was once more deleted.

This elicited an enraged reaction from several people in the small L/J corner of the ff.net universe, notably Solarism. In the comments of the post linked above, an idea started showing up in everyone's heads: what if they, too, created an archive of their own?

One by one, Dede enlisted the help of the eight other fic writers who were to become the new archive's first administrators: Jenna (Silverspinner), Holly (everblue3), Missy (Missers), Christy (Christy Corr), Lynn (Y. Kuang), Runi (First Light of Eos), Erin (erak) and, of course, Sarinileni herself.

The Great Break

A LiveJournal community, The Great Break, was set up help organise the effort for the archive. It was a moderately small and closely-knit group; some of its most important achievements were the in-depth discussions and closer looks at the fandom. Everyone was dedicated to improving their writing and that of fellow members, which established the future archive's central goal: education. That idea inspired the birth and development of the Mentoring Program, among other initiatives.

Through it all, one essential issue loomed on all members' minds: the name of the future archive.

Bear in mind that this was April 14, 2005. The entire fandom was in fangirlish spasms over the upcoming book, and we were no different. After the terribly long wait for Book Six, during which hijacking and growing families were our main hobbies, we finally got our anxious hands on those highly spoiler-warning-worthy pages. It wasn't long until we'd settled on a name: The Unknowable Room, one of the chapter titles in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The Unknowable Room

A coder soon volunteered via TGB: the wonderful Cine, who, along with Photoshop wonder Juli and insufferable amounts of not-in-the-least-internet-savvy nagging by the admins, thought up the current website format.

At some point, Christy came up with the crazy idea to create a wiki, and here we are.

Warning: This article is sarcastic. You can help UnknowableWiki by editing it to meet our regular standards, if it's not informative enough. Feel free to disregard this warning if the article's funny and really shouldn't be taken seriously.

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