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Creature profile
Appearance great, tall, galloping fire-spirit
Known specimens several alleged eye-witnesses, no proof of existence
First appearance in canon In the Hog's Head (OP)

Heliopaths are a supposed type of magical creature Luna Lovegood believes in. They are probably non-existent. According to Luna, they are great, tall, flaming fire-spirits that gallop across the ground and burn everything before them.

When a group of Hogwarts students meet in the Hog's Head to form Dumbledore's Army, Luna proclaims that Cornelius Fudge has an army of Heliopaths. Neville Longbottom asks what Heliopaths are, and Luna starts to explain until Hermione Granger interrupts her, saying that they do not exist. Luna angrily insists that there are several eye-witness accounts, and accuses Hermione of being narrow-minded. Ginny Weasley puts a stop to the argument and leads the discussion back to the original topic (OP16).

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