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Harry and Hermione kissing (DH19); fanart by Trishna87.

Harry/Hermione, also known as Harmony and Pumpkin Pie, is a fanon heterosexual ship from the Trio Era involving Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Though the term "Harmonians" technically refers to all Harry/Hermione shippers, its usage is more common throughout the fandom to refer to Harry/Hermione supporters who were vocal in their support of the ship as canon before the conclusion of the Harry Potter series.

Ship history

In the Harry Potter fandom, Harry/Hermione and Ron/Hermione shippers have been known to engage in numerous ship wars. Both shipper groups have often been very vocal in the support of their ships of choice. Shipping disputes, particularly in the early 2000s, were a major concern, and inspired the creation of numerous ship-oriented fan sites and fanfiction archives, including Portkey, Gryffindor Tower, Sugar Quill and Checkmated.

The fact that the Harry Potter series' plot ultimately favoured Ron/Hermione supporters caused many Harmonians to be heavily criticised and mocked by other fans. Not all Harry/Hermione fans believed that the series would end with Harry and Hermione together, but those that did were often the laughingstock of the rest of the fandom, and pointed out by members of communities like Fandom Wank as an example of the most wank-prone Harry Potter fans (FW). In a post-Half-Blood Prince interview with J. K. Rowling, Emerson Spartz famously referred to Harry/Hermione fans as "delusional"; Rowling laughed and pointed out the overt harshness of the word, but agreed that the new book had cemented Ron/Hermione as the series' canon ship (IME).

Many Harry Potter fans—most notably, but not exclusively, Harmony shippers—were offended by Emerson's word choice, and by Rowling's reaction. One common argument against the interview is that outright ship-bashing of any kind is not polite or acceptable, for shipping preferences are above all a personal matter—regardless of whether the ship has been made canon in the books.

After Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows established Ron/Hermione as a canon ship, several Harmonians were displeased. Like many other fans, they often disregard the book seven epilogue in their fics, or work around the information supplied in the series' last chapter. Harry/Hermione supporters are still a large part of the Harry Potter fan base; several large websites and communities are devoted to the ship.

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