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Harry Potter's scar is a remnant of Voldemort's attempt to take Harry's life on October 31, 1981. It marks the place at which Voldemort aimed his Killing Curse, which then backfired upon the wizard, forcing him from his body, after which the little bit left of the Dark Lord's soul fled. The scar is located on Harry's forehead, in the shape of a lightning-bolt, and cannot be removed (PS1). Harry's scar is one of his most distinctive features, as it identifies him to the rest of the wizarding world as The Boy Who Lived.

Harry's scar has a tendency to burn painfully whenever Harry is near Voldemort, or when Voldemort is feeling particularly strong emotions.

Until he turned eleven, Harry thought his scar was the remnant of the car crash which his aunt and uncle had killed his parents (PS2). He learned the truth on his eleventh birthday from Hagrid, who told him the scar marks the touch of powerful, evil magic (PS5)

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