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Harry Potter's dreams are often mentioned throughout the series and usually plays an important role in the plot.



On the eve of Dudley's birthday, Harry had a dream in which he was on a flying motorcycle. He mentioned it to his aunt and uncle when the family was on their way to the zoo; Vernon overreacted and reprimanded him for mentioning the absurd possibility of a motorcycle flying. This was not the first time Harry had had the dream, which was presumably a memory from when Hagrid rescued him from Godric's Hollow after his parents' murder (PS1, PS2).



After Harry's first feast at Hogwarts, he dreams that he is wearing Professor Quirrell's turban, which is telling him to switch to Slytherin, as it is his destiny. He tries to remove the turban, but it gets heavier and somehow, Draco is there laughing. Then, Malfoy turns into a laughing Snape and, with a sudden burst of green light, Harry wakes up. He does not remember the dream (PS7).

This has been debated over whether it forshadows the murder of Dumbledore on the tallest tower, as in this situation, Malfoy tries to kill Dumbledore, however he cannot do it, then Snape takes his place, and performs the killing curse, at which a jet of green light is seen. This however is unconfirmed, but an interesting idea for fans.


After seeing them in the Mirror of Erised, Harry dreams of his parents dying in a flash of green light while he was at Hogwarts. The green light, from the Killing Curse, is the only thing he remembers about the night of his parents' deaths (PS13).


Harry dreams that he is on showcase at the zoo, as an 'Underage Wizard'. People gape and laugh at the weak, starving Harry, who is laying on the bed of straws. Harry recalls seeing Dobby in the crowd and pleading for help. Dobby refuses to help him, claiming that Harry is now safe in this cage. Then the Dursleys come to his cage, rattling the bars while laughing at him. Harry asks them to stop and to leave him alone, before he waking up (CS2).

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