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The Gryffindor blazon.

Gryffindor is one of the four Hogwarts houses (PS6). It is named after Godric Gryffindor, one of the four school founders (CS9). Gryffindors are said to be brave, daring, and chivalrous (PS7, GF12, OP11). The Gryffindor colours are red and gold, its corresponding element is fire, and its mascot is the lion (PS17, IME). The house's ghost is Nearly Headless Nick (PS7).

Gryffindor Tower is located on the east side of the castle. The common room is accessible through the portrait of the Fat Lady located on the seventh floor. It is a cosy round room furnished with red squashy armchairs and a fireplace. On each side of the room, spiral staircases lead to the boys' and girls' dormitories (PS7).

Minerva McGonagall is the Gryffindor Head of House until Albus Dumbledore's death in 1997 (PS7, HBP27), after which she is temporarily promoted to Headmistress (HBP29); she resumes her role as Head of House for the school year of 1997-1998, when Lord Voldemort takes over the school and appoints Severus Snape as Headmaster (DH12). After Severus Snape's death, McGonagall is promoted once more (DH32, BLC).

Gryffindor has an excellent reputation. It has produced many famous wizards, among them Albus Dumbledore, who was Head of Gryffindor before becoming Headmaster, and Harry Potter (PS6, PS7). There exists a feud between Gryffindor and Slytherin that dates back to the Founder Era—formerly best friends, Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin fell apart over the question of pure-blood supremacy (CS9, OP11). To this day, students of Gryffindor and Slytherin share a profound dislike of each other (CS7, PA15, GF18, OP19). The two houses are also usually the main contenders for the House Cup and the Quidditch Cup (PS7, PS9, PA15, OP11). Gryffindor is usually on good terms with Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw; these houses often support it against Slytherin (PS15, PS17, CS10, PA15, HBP14).

Gryffindor plays a major role in the war against Lord Voldemort. Many members of the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore's Army are Gryffindors (OP5, OP16). The Gryffindor students unanimously side with Harry Potter in the Battle of Hogwarts and more Gryffindors decide to stay and fight in the battle than from any other house (DH31).

Notable Gryffindors

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  • Albus Dumbledore
  • Harry Potter
  • Minerva McGonagall
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