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Grammar Nazis are individuals who try to abide by the rules of the English language as much as possible. As a rule, they love correcting others, and often point out mistakes in their reviews.

One pet peeve most Grammar Nazis share is webspeak. They also tend to have minor seizures and heated arguments over punctuation dilemmas, spelling, and the comparable merits of American English verses British English. The book Eats, Shoots and Leaves is a prime example of such extremist (and highly amusing) behaviour. The Queen of Wands comic has also a hilarious presentation of the Grammar Nazi.

Another pet peeve of Grammar Nazis is people claiming they are Grammar Nazis when they do not truly understand what the term entails. Until they feel a little piece of their soul die when someone makes a mistake, until they feel the compulsion to correct everything with a red pen, until they can explain almost every rule of grammar and have a book in which they can look up the ones they don't know, no one is a Grammar Nazi.

Some well-known Grammar Nazis at Unknowable Room are Runi, Eden and Kali.


Little-known grammar rules:

  • "No one," "everyone," and "anyone" are each singular subjects; as such, they must be used with singular verbs. "Everyone was," not "Everyone were." (Additionally: "Every one of them," not "Everyone of them." Everyone is collective; every one differentiates between individuals.)
  • Though many contest the use of "they" as a gender-neutral singular pronoun, its use is technically considered correct, and it may be used instead of the more wordy "he or she."

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