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Harry Potter trying to get the golden egg from the Hungarian Horntail. Fanart by reallycorking.

A golden dragon egg is one of the items used in the execution of the 1994 edition of the Triwizard Tournament. Each Triwizard champion had to obtain a golden egg from a nesting female dragon in the first task of the Tournament (GF20). Inside the egg, there was a clue to aid the four champions prepare for the second task (GF25).

The first task

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The clue

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The golden egg was the only clue for what the champions were going to face in the second task. When opened, it emitted a song in Mermish which told the champions that they had an hour to rescue the thing most dear to them from the merpeople inside the Hogwarts Great Lake in an hour. Because Mermish is not intelligible for humans above water, though, the song could only be understood when the egg was opened under water (GF25). Otherwise, there was a horrible, screeching noise coming out of it (GF21).

Harry's egg

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