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The Unknowable Room forums are divided into several "serious" areas, dedicated to fanfiction, fanart, education and site projects, and a significantly more playful section, which includes the hijacking forum and roleplaying.

The two most active forums are, by far, Hijacking and Obsessions; the Introductions area is also remarkably active.

The twenty most notably post-happy users at the moment are:

  1. Crystalline
  2. Gulistanlik
  3. ChristyCorr
  4. thirty2flavors
  5. luminous_star
  6. ChaoticBeauty
  7. Kllrs
  8. Merle
  9. Rhhgrt
  10. faiths_reality
  11. WinglessFlight
  12. SapphireSilhouette
  13. Insanguinare
  14. Lilydarling
  15. Eden
  16. Afterthree
  17. PirateSmile
  18. rose_pagonias
  19. Heleypenely
  20. originalcracker

Forum post count ranks

As their post count rises, roomies progress in a scale according to events that happened to characters in the books; the first ranks are:



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