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Runi is an Unknowable Room admin. Her main occupation is Grammar Nazi-ing and nitpicking. She lives in California, and attends Stanford University.


Runi started reading the Harry Potter series in 1998. She did not, however, join the Harry Potter fandom until much later.

Runi was introduced to the fandom in July of 2003 by a girl whom she met during summer camp. Runi's friend wrote fanfiction, and she showed Runi her stories on fanfiction.net. Runi became intrigued by the new universe she had discovered, and spent a great deal of the next year exploring the Harry Potter section of the fanfiction site. She eventually registered on the site as "firstlightofeos" and wrote her own fanfiction, entitled "Incompatible." Through authors who reviewed her story and reviewing the stories of other authors, Runi got to know several other authors, most notably Anoka and Chris, with whom she is still very good friends.

Runi joined The Great Break on April 18, 2005. She became an admin shortly afterwards.


  • Runi truly is a Grammar Nazi; bad grammar/writing/spelling/mechanics kills little parts of her soul. She is responsible for watching over the grammar on the wiki, and should you destroy it, she will come after you with a particularly brutal weapon—probably a spork.
  • Before living in California, Runi lived in New Jersey; she moved to California in 2004.
  • Runi loves music, and performing music; she particularly loves to sing, and is often known to break out into song.
  • Runi loves to read; the list of her favourite books is too long to fit here, though, of course, it contains the Harry Potter series.
  • Runi is somewhat addicted to her computer, Thursday, named after Thursday Next.
  • Runi is remotely obsessed with Pride and Prejudice, particularly the 1995 mini-series. She watches it regularly and can quote it at will.
  • Runi mothers everyone and everything; she is, quite literally, a forty-year-old mother in a teenager's body.


Runi reads and writes primarily Lily/James fanfiction. From 2005 to mid-/late 2007, she was on hiatus, but she will write random drabbles every now and again and likes to participate in the One-Sentence Fic and Letter Forums at Unknowable Room.

Runi's first fic was Embraceable You, a Lily/James songfic set to the George Gershwin song Embraceable You. It was purged from Fanfiction.net on April 28, 2005, and Runi has not reposted it.

Runi then wrote Incompatible, a multi-chaptered Lily/James fic. She abandoned the fic in 2005, after realising that she could not think of anything to write and coming to the conclusion that the fic was terribly clichéd.

Incompatible: Once, Alice had asked Lily why she and James never got along. In answer, Lily had replied, “Potter and I are incompatible.” It was the only thing she and James agreed upon. Rated PG-13.

Runi's subsequent fanfiction was Essential Sideliner, an AU Lily/James fic. The fic was originally a short story Runi had written with entirely different characters, but upon showing the fic to Chris, the latter insisted that Runi turn it into a Lily/James fic, and Runi did so. It is the only story of Runi's that is posted at Unknowable Room. It was nominated for a 2007 Hourglass Award in the "Best Drama" category.

Essential Sideliner: "I loved you once, you know." James knew that things would be different. He just hadn’t known how much they had changed. Rated PG.

Starting in Summer 2007, Runi has been involved with the Raliverse, writing the role of James Potter. She loves her fellow Raliversers and thinks the world needs more random snogging and sex. Because random snogging and sex solves everything *nods sagely*.

Most recently, Runi wrote The Fallen for the 2007 Unknowable Room Christmas ficexchange (prompt courtesy of Archee). It was nominated for a 2008 Hourglass Award in the "Best Gen Fic" category, and was awarded third place.

The Fallen: Another uninnocent, elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults. [Written for the 2007 UR.org Fic Exchange]. Rated PG.


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