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Dudley Dursley
Nicknames and aliases Dinky Diddydums, Dinky Duddydums, Duddy, Ickle Dudleykins, Dudders, Diddy, Duddy, Big D, Dud, Ickle Diddykins, Popkin, Neffy-poo, Diddykins
Birth June 23, 1980
Parents Vernon and Petunia Dursley
Blood status Muggle
Appearance thick curly blonde hair; chubby; small watery blue eyes; pink face; not much neck
School Smeltings
Special abilities bully people
Portrayer in the movies Harry Melling
First appearance in canon The Boy Who Lived (PS)

Dudley Dursley, born June 23, 1980, is the only son of Vernon Dursley and Petunia Dursley. He is Harry Potter's only cousin, on his mother's side.


Dudley is described as having "a large pink face, not much neck, small watery blue eyes, and thick blond hair." He also seems to be spoilt, a bully, and one who enjoys his food but not his exercise, hence the overweight state.

His favourite sport, up until he took up boxing at Smeltings, was 'Harry-hunting'.


Dudley's parents and aunt always spoilt him. As a baby, he screamed for sweets and threw temper tantrums by hurling cereal at the walls. When Dudley got older, he was the leader of a gang of bullies with his best friend Piers Polkiss. Harry was their favourite target. Dudley originally went to the same primary school as Harry, and then to a private secondary school, Smeltings.

When Hagrid brought Harry his Hogwarts letter, he tried to transfigure Dudley into a pig (PS4). The spell gave Dudley a pig's tail, which had to be removed at a private hospital in London (PS6). This event made Dudley extremely afraid of magic and wizards in general. A second trauma ensued when Dudley ate one of Fred and George's Ton-Tongue Toffees which drastically enlarged his tongue (GF4).

At around the age of 14, Dudley became the junior boxing champion at Smeltings, and at home during the holidays, took to terrorizing the neighbourhood with his gang, smoking, vandalising, and beating up younger children. At that age, he was also attacked and nearly kissed by a Dementor on August 2, 1995 (OP1).


  • Dudley received thirty-six presents on his eleventh birthday, "two less than [the previous] year".
  • He had a second bedroom full of unwanted and broken items, until his parents decided that Harry should move there.
  • No one knows what Dudley saw during the Dementor attack.
  • He once beat up a young boy by the name of Mark Evans for 'cheeking' him.






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