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Dragon pox is a magical illness. It has a more serious effect on older wizards (HBP9). Symptoms of a simple infection include sparks coming out of the patient's nostrils when he sneezes, and green and purple rash between the toes (DP). Chauncey Oldridge is the first wizard known to have died of dragon pox (FW). Abraxas Malfoy is also a victim of this illness (HBP9).

Goodwin Kneen's famous letter to his cousin Olaf mentions that his wife Gunhilda came down with the illness shortly before a game of Kwidditch and for that reason was not able to play (QA3).

Gunhilda of Gorsemoor, a one-eyed Healer, developed a cure for the illness (FW). The St. Mungo's Magical Bugs department is responsible for treating wizards and witches contaminated with dragon pox (OP23).

Howland Coopey once wrote a letter to the Daily Prophet asking for medical advice. He was answered by Professor Spleen, who explained that his symptoms indicated that he suffered from a simple case of dragon pox (DP).

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