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Defensive Magical Theory is a book written by Wilbert Slinkhard and requested by Dolores Umbridge for her Defence Against the Dark Arts class (OP9). It is extremely dull to read (OP12).

The book includes an index: chapter one is entitled "Basic for Beginners" (OP12); chapter two (which begins on page 19) "Common Defensive Theories and their Derivation" (OP15); chapter three (which begins on page 34) is titled "The Case for Non-Offensive Responses to Magical Attack" (OP17); chapter thirty-four, "Non-Retaliation and Negotiation" (OP29).

The author expresses his opinion that counter-jinxes aren't named properly, because he believes that "counter-jinx" is a 'just a name given to jinxes to make them sound more acceptable' in chapter fifteen. Apparently, Slinkhart disapproves of the use of jinxes (OP15). From this opinion, as well as from the chapter titles and the fact that Umbridge approves of the book, we can assume that Defensive Magical Theory discourages the use of defensive magic that could be used aggressively.

Use of the textbook in Umbridge's lessons

Umbridge, a loyal and high-ranking Ministry of Magic employee, is appointed to the post of Hogwarts Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher by the Ministry after Headmaster Dumbledore is unable to find a teacher in the summer of 1995 (OP11). At that time, Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge believes that Dumbledore plans to overthrow him with the help of the Hogwarts student body, and is therefore reluctant to have them trained in defensive spells. To this end, Umbridge chooses Defensive Magical Theory as the textbook (OP12, OP15). It seems that her lessons consist exclusively of silent reading, one chapter per lesson (OP12, OP15, OP17, OP29).

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