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The Daily Prophet is the most popular wizarding newspaper in England. It publishes editions daily and has offices in Diagon Alley. Even though its the most widely-read newspaper, the Daily Prophet tends to write about stuff to sell itself rather than events that are really happening; it will invent and hide things happening in the real world and is known to be easily influenced by the Ministry.

Wizards can subscripe for a Daily Prophet copy every day: they recieve it by owl and put the knuts in a small pouch on the owl's leg. Hagrid is charged five Knuts by the delivery owl (PS5).

Rita Skeeter wrote for the newspaper until Hermione found out about her being an unathourised animagus who turned into a beetle to follow and obtain information from her article subjects.

The evening edition of the Daily Prophet is called Evening Prophet, and the weekend edition, the Sunday Prophet.

The Prophet Under Voldemort

The Prophet and Harry

The Daily Prophet, commonly used as a vehicle for propaganda, variably slanders and exalts Harry Potter.

The Boy Who Lived

The Chosen One

Undesirable Number One

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