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The DA's first meeting at the Hog's Head, fanart by reallycorking.
Dumbledore's Army (oftened shortened to D.A.) was a secret organization founded by Harry Potter in his fifth year for Hogwarts students to learn and practice how to defend themselves against dangerous situations. This was partially due to their lack of practical education in Defence Against the Dark Arts during that year, which was being taught by Dolores Umbridge, and also due to the impending danger brought on by Voldemort's rapidly growing power (OP16).

Even though the D.A. worked very well for some months, Marietta Edgecombe started doubting about this whole secret group and finally told Umbridge all about it. That same night, Dumbledore fooled Cornelius Fudge and told him that the secret organisation was his idea instead of Harry's, and fled the school. Umbridge replaced him as Hogwarts Headmistress (OP27).

The group used galleons enchanted with the Protean Charm to communicate to each other. When Harry needs help on monitoring Draco's attitudes as he and Dumbledore left the castle to find a Horcrux, the only members that answer when Hermione sends them a message are Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom. During Snape's regime, the D.A. members that were still at school reunited again. All the members of D.A. that were of age (as well as Ginny Weasley and Colin Creevey) fought in the final battle against Voldemort (DH30 - DH37). .

The survivors keep their coins as a badge of honor, as a proof that they were standing against Voldemort from the beginning. Neville usually shows them to his pupils (BLC).

Some spells covered

In the meetings of the DA, they have covered the following spells:

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Dummledore's army was originally called the Defence Army but Ginny made up the name Dumbledore's army because that is what the Ministry is afraid of.

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