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Dobby with some of his favourite clothes. Fanart by Makani.
A house-elf wearing a tea towel, fanart by Ayne.
This article is about clothes for house-elves. Were you looking for wizard fashion?

For a house-elf, proper clothes are a sign of being free. House-elves who are serving a wizarding household do not wear clothes but cover themselves in other pieces of cloth such as tea towels or pillow cases (CS2). Being given clothes by their masters sets them free, even if this happens by accident (CS18) or against the elf's wishes (GF9). On the other hand, being denied clothes means that the house-elf remains enslaved to his masters and has to obey their orders (CS2). Most house-elves feel loyal to the household they serve and consider getting clothes a great shame (GF8, GF9). An example of the opposite is Dobby, who enjoys freedom and is proud of his clothes (CS2, CS18, GF8).

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